best way to spend 1,000 dollars on a 96 cobra

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Lo7scobra, Jul 21, 2010.

  1. I need some help whats the best and fastest way to spend 1000 dollars and maybe a little more to make a 96 bone stock cobra fast?I sold a 97 about 3 years ago and have been regretting it ever since..It had 4.10 gears,bigger mass air cant remember exactly how big,B&M super Ripper short throw,Flowmasters with a custom built xpipe(which i hated) and i added a 125 shot of nitrous and some nittos..if i can remeber right it stayed around the 8.50s and 8.40s on the sure i might be forgetting a couple of things done to it..can you help:shrug:
  2. oh yea my bad them times i posted were in the 8th and were not with the nitrous never ran it on the juice
  3. Honestly, if it were me I would just save for a blower but since you're also looking the fastest way to spend maybe some gears, exhaust, tires and naws