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  1. I'm very new at tuning computers on cars. What is the best way to tune a 91? Ive read about tweecer and not even sure if I can use on a 91 and ive seen the act bank eliminator chips. What's the most User friendly and effiecent way that ill be able to tweek as I and parts and what not. I am lost with this type of stuff but will catch on quick. Thanks forn any help.
  2. I took am looking for the same information. I have a Laptop that I plan to use for tuning in car.
  3. I like megasquirt and the guys over at diyautotune are really helpful if you get stuck
  4. i am newer on this too but from what i have read you need to really put it on a dyno. you can buy a wide band fuel air gauge but its just as cheep to put it on the dyno and have a chip burned that will also let you know what else you need to do in order to improve everything
  5. Goto: and read the FAQ's / tech documents to come up to speed with what you're considering. There are Do's and DON'Ts

    IMO: Moates Quarterhorse (hardware), Binary Editor & Engine Analyzer by Clint Garrity (Software) is the way to go. Great flexibility.

    Just one warning... tuning is no simple task. It requires some time to learn WTF to do. It is not PLUG-n-PLAY or point-n-click.
  6. i don't know if your area prices are cheaper than mine but it can easily get to a grand in a hurry on the dyno. my area is 100 for 3 pulls,they weld a bung for the o2 sensor start tweaking the fuel pressure and what ever else. then 300 for the chip and then how ever long it takes the guy to tune it.
    i am a put it on the dyno type but the nearest one to me is 600 miles so i have tweak here and there. my buddy has bought a quaterhorse and a data logging wideband then he paid a company a hundred dollars for unlimited tunes which he sends the data logged info,they write the tune then send it back via email. way to much tech for this guy. so if your into that stuff there are options. just givin my 2 cents hope that helps you decide.
  7. +1 i have all of the above also... Buy a book written by Greg banish called engine management advanced tuning. It will help you understand what's going on. Easy read too.
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  9. Moates QuarterHorse is THE way to go for any EEC IV - we have a variety of detailed, step-by-step tuning guides to help -
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  10. I like the idea of going to the dyno and letting someone experienced do it as well.
    However, after they charge you:
    400 one time chip fee/install
    400 per session tuning fee
    and 100 for 3 pulls

    It gets cost prohibitive.
    You're looking at 900 bux, and fingers crossed you don't need another session.
  11. I'd love to see someone set up a very user friendly plug-n-play program.
    A disc for your laptop, a USB wire to a piggy-back chip...
    Something anyone could use. Idiot proof.
  12. I had my car dyno tuned, love the results. I do have a Q you guys may know, my A/F is real lean, 14:1 until about 3200, then gradually riches to 12.5:1 by 4200-4300. This seems too lean to me, I wanted it tuned tight but dang! I can't afford to run better than 93 on the street, so Q: if I up the fuel pressure via the regulator, will the custom chip put it back? Same Q for timing?

    I blew a reg non race fel pro head gasket already, only a 60 shot but didn't pull chip and didn't realize the A/F ratio was so lean for so long.

    Now I'm afraid to play with the nitrous with the chip in, and to add a "nitrous tune" to the chip is another $250, at least it was 5 years ago lol
  13. If its taking alot of time to reach target WOT air/fuel then sounds to me that the fuel tables and or the MAF curve needs work in the tune , fuel pressure should be set at 39-40 range without vacuum and the reconnect vacuum and leave it alone
  14. Upon closer inspection, I'm an idiot. I was looking at the baseline pull, which has A/F as I described. The A/F on the final pull is dead on 13:1 all the way through.

    Can I retard the timing via distributor for nitrous just as I would without the chip? Or do I need the "nitrous" tune burned before I spray more? (I know tuning will give best and safest result, but not sure if I can still treat timing as before?)
  15. Does anyone offer something like this:

    I buy a custom burned chip from them, then if tuning needs tweaked, they send me the tweak via email?

    One of the earlier posts suggested that was a possibility...
    If I did that, what would I need to buy?
    Just the chip, or would have I have to buy the editor and/or wideband setup with the chip?

    I just want something easy.

    Would love to see a 'point and click' setup, but apparently that isn't available.
    We (my sons and I) have 3 Foxes....
    2 earlier ones, 5 speeds, and a 94 with automatic.
    So tuning is an issue with all 3.
  16. If tuning multiple cars I would suggest buying 1 QH to actually tune all 3 and then get a chips for each car and one chip burner to program the chips with once the final tune is done on each car you can burn the chip for that car and move the QH to the next car to tune , any Quarterhorse questions can be emailed to me at [email protected] , or my cell is 540-875-8722
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  17. Go on I had a guy named decipha do my tune via email and phone...23 hp and I think 17 ftlb over the stock tune.. You need about 550-600$ to do this properly though.. Quarterhorse 250$.. Binary editor-60$... Wideband- I think it was around 200$.. And I also bought EEC analyzer..40$ plus pay for the tune...100$ is what I payed..