Better exhaust note for cheap?

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  1. I like the way the stock exhaust sounds on a GT except Id like it a LITTLE bit louder, don't want it too loud though I still want it quiet inside with the windows up. Hope you get what i'm saying. What's the best and cheapest way to do this? Could I just replace the mufflers or does the entire exhaust system have to be replaced? (probably can't afford that right now) If it's only the mufflers, what are some good ones for what im describing? The tone is fine the way it is, just slightly louder.
  2. yes u can replace just the mufflers--probably magnaflow muffs?
  3. yeah i'd say magnaflows. they're dead quiet at idle and under normal throttle. the real neat thing about them though is that when you open the throttle up wide, they sound gooood. This is even with my off road X pipe they were that quiet. I can imagine with the factory h pipe, you'll probably notice very little difference.
  4. FRPP catback.
  5. Alright thanks. So just the mufflers wouldn't be worth it? Would I have to replace the H-Pipe too then? Sorry, i don't know very much about exhaust systems
  6. I've got that link saved in my internet favs. A pair will definately be going on my car when I do the long tubes :D
  7. If you want a performance boost then mufflers aren't gonna do squat. Mufflers are purely for sound and very little more. mufflers *might* net you 3 hp or mabey 5 to 10 if you've got a power adder like a supercharger.

    The real performance boost comes in when you swap out that extremely restrictive mid pipe for either one with high flow catalytic converters or one with no cats (usually referred to as an off road pipe since in most states it's not really street legal) Getting rid of all or most cats will give most folks about 10~20 hp depending on what they get. I believe the Dr. Gas and Bassani X pipes give the most power but they're both really loud (but a good loud :D)
  8. i thought that the bassani doesnt give that great of gains due to the formation of the X. I think Dr. Gas and Magnaflow are the way to go. As stated muffs wont really give you any performance but they cost probably 150-200 parts and install where a catback will cost more around 450 for parts and install. The mid pipe will definetly give you sound and performance but that too is more expensive.

    :OT: that quicktime thing is on my favorties too and the place is actually liek 10 minutes from my house muwahahaha
  9. If you come across a set of Bullitt mufflers, snag them. I'm guessing that they will be exactly what you are looking for, louder than stock GT, but not too loud. I have a Bullitt and they sound fantastic.
  10. The way I see it you have a few options.

    1.) Change out your mid pipe. Save up for a S.S. Catted magnaflow X or MRT's catted H to keep your car stock sounding, but definately louder. Bonus of no drone as your stock mufflers stay in place. Cost is approx. $400.00, but well worth it if long tubes aren't in your future plans. You can save and get aluminized, but IMO worth the extra cost so you don't have to do it again later.

    2.) Change our your mufflers with either Magnaflows or possibly Steeda S.S. mufflers. Minimal drone and increased sound. Not much benefit from a performance point of view. Cost is approx. $260.00 to buy decent (stainless) mufflers and have them welded in. There are cheaper alternatives, but watchout for drone and/or aluminized construction if you live in the North.

    3.) Or as mentioned by Brian H is to swap out your exhaust for FRPP's Stainless Steel 2.5" catback. Freer flowing exhaust with increased sound but not much hp gain. Similiar to mufflers. Cost is approx. $300 with you installing.
  11. Go with Magnapack my friend. While cruising.. you will get this nice softening vibration in your body. It's very quiet inside with windows up, but if you step outside... it's a whole different story :)
  12. magnapacks will probably be too loud for him--bullitt has differnt exhaust then a gT?
  13. I gained a consistent .15 sec in the 1/4 when I swapped from the BBK o/r H pipe to the bassani pipe. (My only mods at the time were 3.73's, CAI, a shift kit and flowmasters) I actually took both pipes to the track, ran 4 passes with each pipe and the time differences for the 4 runs all came down to thousandths of seconds. The bassani pulls a LOT harder from 3000 rpm's and up.

    However, when I do the longtubes with my head swap, I'll be putting on a Dr. Gas pipe because I don't want to have my bassani butchered to fit the LT's.

    The Dr. Gas pipe has to be welded together for those who don't know. I guess they did this so they only had to make 1 kit that could be adapted to all years and exhaust combos. Bassani actually did this but the mid pipe is just a hair too long :nonono:
  14. the FRPP catback is 2.5 in mandrel bent, the mufflers are just a bit
    louder, throatier than the stock sound, but similar. Just a bit louder than stock at normal cruising, as quiet as stock at idle, but sound great when you get on the pedal hard.
    They are a different part number and are supposed to be higher flowing. All that adds up to
    a higher flowing catback, --but the mufflers are most likely more restrictive than magnaflow, but if you don't want it real loud, it's a great choice.
  15. My roommate has a MAC Catback on his 03 GT, and it is a little throaty, but much quieter than my flow's. Might want to look into that, about $300 i think
  16. Im gonna give my vote to magnaflows as well. If you don't want it to be super loud all the time, but still want a nice screa at WOT, they are the only way to go.
  17. i wish the dr. gas was made out of SS :mad:
  18. If you like the sound of a GT, just want it a bit louder as I did. I replaced the factory H pipe with a non-catted H pipe, it sounds great! People ask me what I did to it cause they recognize the sound just not used to hearing a stock GT that loud. That's about as cheap as you can get some extra sound out of it. Removing the cats really woke this thing up.
  19. A Vote For Frpp