better tire grip?

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  1. I have a 2012 GTCS 5.0 with 19 inch rims 8.5 wide. Stock Pzero tires are not giving me the grip I want. Size is 245/45/19 and I want to keep new tires the same but want a very sticky tire. Tread ware,rain and snow not a concern ( not a DD)Anyone have a ideas?
  2. M/T ET Street II

    Part# Size Size Equiv
    3723R P305/35R19 28X12.50R19
  3. Not much of a choice...

    If your looking for a D.O.T. street type drag tire, Nitto is the only tire that will fit a 19 inch rim. Find out what the wear rating is on your tires, as a general rule w/ all dimensions being equal, a tire w/ a lower tread rating will have a softer compound.:nice:
  4. Are you looking for a straight line traction or better handling?
  5. I am looking for all out performance for dry pavement. Not concerned about wet or ware. I want to keep the rims and not change the profile to much? Micky Thompson or Nitro both look good but not sure if they make the right size?
  6. Stock rim I think you're best with Nitto. the MT only comes in a 305 for a 19 (that i saw) and that is probably to wide for an 8.5 rim.
  7. Has any one tried the Nittro Invo. Website makes me want to get my cedit card out!
  8. I didn't see a tire size close for the GT/CS wheels.
  9. 255/35/19 is the closest, wonder if it would fit or would it be to wide?
  10. What about 10wide on the rears?
  11. Stock tires are about 27.7" tall. Those are 26....a bit short. 255/40 is closer at 27...min. rim is 8.5.
  12. They look good, Now the question, for 300 per tire will they offer better grip then stock. I never have owned Nittro, always been a Michellin Man but they do not have anything that aggresive.
  13. I had Nitto 555 on my '07 GT Vert when we had it. They were better than the stock tires we have now. I would think these would be better. Check the tire wear and traction letters and see how it compares to the current tire on the car.
  14. Neither the Nitto Invo nor the NT555 will perform as well as the PZero, unless you have the PZero Nero which is an all season. I had the Invo, and they were good in the rain and quiet, they did not have very good dry grip. The Invo is more of a touring tire than a performance tire. The Yokohama AD08 in 255/35/19 would be a little shorter, but is a good performance tire. You are pretty limited in choices in a 19" wheel.
  15. Michellin has a set of Ps2 255/45/19, pricey but they may do the job. 350.00 per tire I better stick to the road like glue!
  16. I had the Michelin PS2 all seasons on the GTO and they were hands down the best tire I've ever used. Tons of grip and I got 50,000 miles out of them. They were $398 a piece and were well worth it. When these Pirellis are toast, I'll be going back to the Pilot Sports.
  17. If you have 8.5 wide inch rims I suggest 255/40-19s which is what comes on the brembo cars as well as 2010 Track pack cars. both of which have 19x8.5rims. You will have no problem finding performance tires in that size. TireRack had 44 choices from ultra-high performance summer tires to all weather touring tires.
  18. Anyone try Hankooks? The #'s on TireRack look decent...other than the +2lbs ea! Price can't be beat though.
  19. Yep I just got a set last week. I got the Ventus V12 summer tires. 255/40-19s. So far so good. The cars seems to handle just as good as with the stock tires. I had originally decided on General G-Max all -seasons but I changed my mind at the last minute. I can use my wife's Escape if it snows so I stuck with the summers.
  20. Double post.