better tire grip?

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  1. I've been reading quite a few posts regarding limited traction. Today I got on the throttle a bit and mine wont spin the tires in 1st or 2nd if you just mat it unless you're around 10mph in 1st and stomp on it or side step the clutch. Power shifting from 1st to 2nd gave a tiny bit of tires spin but nothing significant. Do the 255s on the Brembo package really provide that much more traction than the rest? I'm amazed by the rear grip; either that or my car is down on power from everybody elses.
  2. With the same 255 tires as you in 1st gear from a roll my stock (except for cat-back) '10 lights the tires with @ 3/4 throttle. If I power shift 1st to 2nd the ass kicks out and spin the tires for about 15-20 feet, 2 to 3rd, the ass kicks out again but snaps back almost immediately. Its pretty much the same with the new Hankooks. Maybe your not turning off the traction control.
  3. With traction control off, it will spin the tires in 1st with ease but not in 2nd unless the surface is fairly slick. I can get it to spin the tires with a power shift to second but not just stabbing the throttle.
  4. I finally decided on 255/45/19 michelin PS2. Nice grip and not bad on noise. The car seems to hook up and corner way better. I still can roast 1 and 2 but overall I am very happy
  5. I ran the PS2 all seasons and absolutely loved them. Lasted 51,000 miles out back! Was well into the depth indicator but still had a couple millimeters of tread left down the center.
  6. The P-Zeros are great tires. If you want more grip get the P-Zero Corsa. One way to check traction on a tire is to look at it's wear rating. Each manufacture puts a wear rating on a tire. The lower the wear rating - the softer the compound. Being softer will ware out faster than a hiway tire.
    i.e.: The P-Zeros on my Boss have a 220 ware rating. This means I will get no more than 15-20K miles on them. A hiway tire might have a wear rating of 400 or even more. Tires like that could get 40K miles or so. The P-Zero Corsa which came stock on the Boss Laguna Seca has a lower number than the plane P-Zero. But the traction is better. Sticky tires wear out quickly. That way you want to save them for track work.
    Nitto: owned by Toyo: Japan: adds to our trade deficit.
    Hankook: Korea: likely made in China: adds to our trade deficit.
    Pirelli: Italy: we have a trade surplus with Italy.
    Goodyear: USA: your money stays here.
    2012 Boss 302: just say no to imports. China is not spoken around here.
    My 2 cents.
  7. Unfortunately, the tread wear rating has no standard so the number usually ends up meaning the square root of eff all. At best, it is only good for rating a tires characteristics amongst tires from the same manufacturer. The Pilot Sport 2 all seasons have a tread wear rating of 500 but will hook up better than 95% of the tires out regardless of rating.
  8. China may not be "spoken here" but China shifts yours gears. Your transmission is built in Nanchang, China. Unfortunately our Mustangs don't even make it into the top ten as far as % of domestic content. But at least the revenue stays here instead of being sent overseas as in the case with all these imports built in the US.
  9. That's true but it gives sort of a general rule of thumb. I don't have the precise equipment to test the tire compound so a manufactures rating is really all we have.
  10. My rule of thumb is that I don't buy anything made in China. I liked the new Mustang so much that I bought it. When I found out the tranny was made in China, I wrote a letter to Ford Motor Company to air my displeasure. The only thing I can do now is to not buy anything from China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan to put on my car. I'm not anti Asian, just against countries that dump their stuff on our shores and buy very little from us as we lose jobs.
  11. im running into the same issue doing reserch for 19 inch tires for my Brembo equipped 2012. Falken has a great tire but only goes up to 18's. I got to look into swapping out the brembos for stockers so i can go back down to 18's
  12. I just installed G-MAX, seem to be alot better and only $1020 installed but I have the Brembo wheels