Better To Build Or Buy Complete?

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  1. My dream well one of my dreams is to own a classic 60's mustang fastback. While I know this dream will take a while to come true I just want to get some perspective right now. While I know building a car will cost more than just buying a complete one I have been toying around with the idea building a 67-69 fastback for awhile.
    Would it be better to build or buy a ready drive classic? Taking in account for money, time, and unknown speed bumps (rust, parts, etc).
    How much would it typically cost for (not mint), but fairly good condition classic mustang?
    How much does it normally take to build one? (engine (modern), transmission (modern) Paint, disc brakes, tires) Basically classic with modern touches.
  2. You can find a lot of project that people got tired of dumping money into. There was one local here thta was EXACTLY the same color as mine, had a new stroker motor and trans, new suspension,wheels tires, just needed the interior to be finished and wiring and trim.He was asking 21,000 obo.I know thats half if what i would expect from mine.
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  4. If money is a motivating factor, buy one that is finished.
  5. How much would I be looking at for a finished one?
    Modern components classic look
  6. it is a conundrum thats for sure. if you buy a running car that needs work, you can do the work a little at a time and make the car yours. you would have to do weekend projects or farm out the work as needed, but the advantage is that you get to drive the car all the time. if you buy a basket case, then you run into the same issue that the PO had, and that is that your enthusiasm for the project can flounder down the road as you dont get to drive the car for some time. and having the car built means just opening up the check book and asking what the total is, and after you get over the sticker shock, you get to enjoy the car, but sometimes the cost will weigh on your mind all the time, and you end up selling the car ultimately, or garaging the car and not driving it because of all the money you have invested in the car, and you still end up selling the car, but at a loss. i say buy the best running car you can afford, and then decide on a plan for building the car.
  7. I'm retired and build cars for fun and to keep busy. I've done several early Mustangs, mostly with EFI 5.0 Mustangs. When I sell, its usually in the mid to high 20's. Make very little, but its always exiting to move on to a new project. Good Luck.
  8. Thats a good way to look at it.Have fun building a car as long as you dont lose money when you sell.I cant do that, ive tried and I get attached to the car and cant sell.
  9. Thats my way of thinking. if I build a car it would be me. I dont want to get my car now... ever
  10. I usually buy a basket case, get it almost finished and move on to the next project. My 70 Is the closest to complete I have ever gotten, thankfully my wife won't let me sell until it is complete. I have yet to lose money on any of my cars, guess I am lucky when it comes to that.
    If you want instant gratification and don't want to be constantly greasy buy complete.
    Really nice one 40K + for what you are asking about. Someone elses project that is drivable that needs finishing as little as $9k for a decent one.
    Or you can get a basket case like my 70 coupe for $700 mustang?sort=2&page=1
    needed motor, trans rebuilt. Body and paint. New interior, brakes completely redone.
    Had it running and driving for $750 more. SO i had a running and driving classic mustang for under $1500.
  11. Well....if your looking....... I that guy, I have a great car looking for someone to finish the last little bit of work.

    I have a 1969 mach-1. New interior, new transmission, new engine, new everything. Ready for final block and paint.
    I have spent the last 12 years getting it ready for completion. The car body is perfect. Minus a few parts (air dam, radiator, heatblock hose, and headlights). its a steal for anyone who wants to buy it.
    Its completely documented and ready to go. Full OEM bolt kits to help someone finish the assembly.

    This is the second restoration and I started from the ground up this time. I have to move as my wife and I both got new jobs. I can't truck the car around this time. this car is literally about 100 hours away from total perfection.
    I have dumped enough cash into this car over the years to by a Tesla Model S at least. Someone is going to get one hell of a bargain.
    I am struggling what to ask for it. I would normally finish it and sell it but i'm out of time.

    My avatar appears to be the day after the last time i drove the car. lol. Some drunk in a trash truck decided to try to kill himself hitting my car. I still hate that guy....

    Look up some of my old posts and you see some pictures. I can bulk upload all of the restoration pictures for anyone interested.
  12. If I had the money I would interested, but I'm your typical broke college student. Thank god I'm in my last yr