Progress Thread Bfat's 93 Reef Blue Vert Project.

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  1. Alright guys, was going to have a friend do a quick paint job on my vert but that turned into a little more than we had bargained for. So I figured I'd start a progress thread. Excuse the pictures they were just some quick ones I took from my Droid RAZR I'll get better ones for here. So far interior is out, ordered some prep and interior paint from latemodelresto. More pics to follow.
    IMG_20130508_213530_018.jpg IMG_20130508_213605_842.jpg
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  2. Drinking and power tools is always great combo
  3. haha definitely is.
  4. Is there another way to use power tools???

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  5. I mean I'm all for drinking ... and power tools but I've seen to many accidents with them combined
  6. oh for sure, I guess that's where the "drink responsibly" part comes to play.
  7. sounds like a hell of a time

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  8. Wow, I didn't know it's been this long since I updated this. Project is on the back burner as of now, my friend who's doing all the body work just had reconstructive knee surgery so I'm not sure when he'll be on his feet again.
  9. Hey you can always do body work from a creeper lmao hope he gets better and helps get your car back rolling again!
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  10. LMAO

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  11. lol, good idea. I'll even be nice enough and buy him a decent creeper!
  12. Well it's been a while since the last update on this, my friend is still recovering from his knee surgery, so we've decided to get both of our Mustangs painted at Psychotic Air in Batavia, IL where he used to work. We are getting pretty good deals on it so I think it's well worth having a professional do it. I'll post some pictures of it either on Sunday or next week of her on the way to the shop.
  13. Can you believe no one had a trailer in my area?! Looks like it's going there this weekend.
  14. Taking a poll, since it's going for paint this weekend I'm thinking about changing the color, I'm thinking either black, silver, dark blue or keeping it red. Any and all votes/comments are appreciated.
    Thanks guys
  15. Keeping it the same color is easier,that way your not painting door jams etc.
  16. Very true, the door jams will need rust repair anyways so those are getting painted. My only worry is the engine bay, but I figured if I paint it a different color I can get that painted once I drop a built engine in
  17. Dark blue like a regatta blue
  18. I'm thinking I might keep it a red but throw a pearl in there, I have a couple weeks to decide. He's starting on my friends sn95 5.0 first, pictures to follow soon
  19. Bringing my buddies 95 5.0 and my 88 Vert to Psychotic Air in Batavia IL

    IMG_20130811_144039_663.jpg IMG_20130811_123756_286.jpg IMG_20130811_123218_999.jpg IMG_20130811_123824_566.jpg IMG_20130811_124840_753.jpg IMG_20130811_133232_863.jpg IMG_20130811_144050_380.jpg