BFG 275/50/15 Drag Radials on a fox??

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by LT1Killa, Dec 12, 2003.

  1. Is anyone running this size and do they fit on a 7 inch rim?
  2. Wow - that tire has a section width of almost 11". A good rule of thumb for wheel to tire size is not to mount a section width on a wheel any less than 2" smaller - which would dictate a 9" wheel. Will they physically go on a 7" rim? Yes, you can probably have them mounted. Will they work as well as they could on a 7" rim? No. You need more rim width to really take advantage of that width tire.
  3. I have that size on my Capri. 8" wheel, 5.5 rear spacing, 7/32" wheel spacer. If I had it to do again, I'd run 255/60/15's.
  4. i actually run 275/60/15 bfg drs on stock 10 holes. it rubs a little taking turns (till i rolled the lip), but otherwise they do fit and i run them at 12 psi at the track without incident.
  5. At the track I run 27x10x15 slicks on 10 holes. Yes we got them on the wheels but I would never do it again. They are simply not wide enough. I would probably have been as well off using 235/60R15 drag radials.

  6. I used to run that tire on an 8" rim. I think a 7" would make it a little unstable and not allow the whole tire tread to touch the ground evenly. There's no point in running that big of a tire on that rim when you could run a much smaller tire and get the same contact area. Just my $.02.
  7. so would it be better for me to run the 275/60/15's or 235/60/15's in the BFG Drag Radials for my mild 5.0?
  8. If I were you I'd either run the 255/50R15s or the 235/60R15s. With a 275 on a 7" rim you will probably get less of a contact patch than with a 235.
  9. does BF Goodrich offer that size in drag radials? (255/50/15)
  10. I used a 255/50/16 dragradial on 7.5 inch Fittipaldi's they worked great, no rubbing at all
  11. im using the 275/50/15s on 10-holes. getting 15 by 10 welds but didnt want to spend money on them yet need other stuff first. they barely touch the fenderwell taking a hard right turn on my 91 lx but dont on my 88 lx. they hook awesome being 11" wide on a 7" rim
  12. AXIStang, is the picture on your site of your rear tires current, because they don't look too overly big for the rim.
  13. That's actually what they look like on a 7 inch wide wheel. I don't know what everyone is complaining about. I work at a tire shop and I always thought 275/50/15 would be way too big also......then I actually mounted a BFG drag radial on a 7 wide wheel and I was didn't look too bad at all.
  14. I'm looking at the summit catalog and they say the recommended rim size is 7-11 inches wide for the 275/50/15. I'd say I'm leaning towards them now because all I need these tires for is when I go to the track, and if I'm too lazy to change them right after, it's not illegal.
  15. yeah those are the 275s. they arent as bad a fit as i thought they would be. no problems mounting them.

  16. So did you have to roll the wheel lip for clearance or not?
  17. Mine work fine on a set of 10 hole rims. They clear everything, even with about an inch of lowering. One of the best things I ever put on the car!!!!!
  18. A buddy of mine is running 325/50/15 BFG drag radials on his fox.He has them mounted on a set of 15x9 Drag lites with a 5.5" bs.He had to "massage" the inner wheelwell with a BFH and roll the fender lips ,but they fit.If you can fit those monsters in there,I would think that the 275s would be cake,might have to roll the lips a lilttle but likely that'd be it.
  19. Keep in mind that if you go with something like the 325 tire mentioned above, it's nearly 28" tall. That has the effect of reducing your final gear ratio by almost 8% - like the difference between 3.55's and 3.90's. So if you go with a significantly taller tire, it will take more gear to get you back to where you were with the shorter tire.
  20. I realize what you are saying Michael,but, I wasn't suggesting that he use 325/50/15s.All that tire would require either a fair amout of power(torque)or an awful lot of gear.(Which is fine by me ,I've never been afraid of a little gear :D )I was simply pointing out that if 325s would fit with a 9 inch(5.5bs) rim then 275s would be simple.