Biased Door Lock

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  1. Hey guys! This may be a boring thread compared to others, but hopefully some of you brainy types can help me out.

    So today I noticed, on my 95 GT, that the driver side power lock "lock" function stopped working. The unlock function works fine though, and if I reach over and try the passenger side lock function it works for both doors just like the unlock function. What's going on? The drivers side pwr door lock seems biased against the lock function.
  2. Easiest test to start with, swap switches with each other. If problem moves it is switch. If it stays it could be a blockage of mechanism or signal not getting to actuator from switch.
  3. I knew someone's brain would be working. Thanks castine917.
  4. I have had that happen a couple of times. It's almost always a faulty switch. I'd love to find a resource for new switches, I've had three used switches fail within a year.
  5. Good to hear from you again Chythar. I'm gonna try switching the driver w/the passenger side like the other poster suggested...after my semester is over in 3 weeks. I'm simply too busy to divide my time anymore than it already is.

    Anyhow, thank you for the heads up on the switches. Funny thing, I just saw a place online that sells the switches individually or all together. As soon as I can remember where I saw the place I'll send you a link.

  6. If it's not the switch, keep us up to date. My friend's Cobra has the same problem, and it's not the switch. I haven't been able to fix it yet.

  7. I'll let you guys know, but it'll be another 3 weeks before I can work on it and other things.
  8. So on the way home from class today I put the top down for fun. When I got home and put the top up I noticed that the door lock somehow works again. Maybe it was just "coincidence"? Odd. I guess we will see how long it stays functional.