Big Ac Problem And Need Advice,

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by ked263, May 6, 2013.

  1. well.. long story short

    the AC used to work ok , but leaked all of its gas and not cooling anymore,

    mechanic said I need to replace the Evaporator , which is located inside the dash board .

    he is asking for 700$ only for taking the dash apart, and about 500$ for the parts, evaporator/dryer/and some valve.

    I can order the parts online , and will cost around 100-150$ only, but I cant afford 700$ labor charge, is there anyone here done this thing before and can help me doing it,

    is there anyway to replace the evaporator without taking the dash off ?

  2. That's about right. If there was a way to get to the evaporator without taking the dash out it would be cheaper.

    The system should be flushed of old refridgerant too. If not you'll be doing it again in a year of two.

    Try shopping it around. Another shop may do it cheaper.
  3. If you do decide to have this work done, I would also recommend replacing the heater core while the dash is out. I had a heater core failure back in 2008 (96k miles) and I paid $1100 to have have the job done at the dealer. The core cost $89. Talk about a buzz kill. They had the car for two days. That was the first major repair I had to make to the car since the day I drove it off the lot almost seven years before, so even though it sucked, things happen. Two weeks later, the fuel pump went, stranding me for the first and only time in 11 and a half years of ownership. That cost me another 7 hundy. Ouch.
  4. yep, look like I am going it after all, I am going to die from the heat T^T