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  1. I got my brake kit from Heidts today. This is the best priced kit I could find, that will still have decent stopping power. I got the kit with the optional 4 piston calipers. They are actually fully polished Wilwood 4 piston Dynalite calipers. The rotors are .810 vented 11", with a 5 bolt lug pattern. I will be having them machined to have the stock 4 lug pattern to use my current Draglites. The brackets are a nice heavy gauge steel, with hardened steel thread inserts (NOT Heli coils). It also comes with new bearings and dust boots. I am very pleased with the kit, and think this is the perfect solution for those who want more stopping power than the Granada/GM caliper setup, but don't want to spend $650 on the full Wilwood MII kit. They also have this kit with the GM calipers for $329.00.
  2. What are the major technical differences between the Heidts kit and the Wilwood MII kit? These may be just what I was looking for...
  3. The extra expense on the Wilwood kit is the Wilwood made hubs and rotors. The Heidts kit uses the 11" Granada cast rotors, but with the upgrade you get the 4 piston Wilwood calipers with it, for $479 instead of $650 for MII Wilwood kit.
  4. Wow, I'm definitely going for the Heidts kit. Paying for the name is :bs: ...
  5. Hmm why is this?

    I hear sooooo much talk about the front disc brake kits. Which is fine and dandy. But all I hear about is front disc brake kits and nothing about the rear. I am very suprised by this. Whats up with that. Sure you can buy the kits from Stainless Steel or Fatman or Heids for the front and rear. I'm sure most of us know where to get the stuff from. But I've been following these forums for a few months now and never hear about the rear kits and how they worked out for people. As a matter a fact I even had a question about the axles for instance once and the thread got moved to parts and no one ever answered me really. Thank god that one guy is having Moser do his and posted that add. At least now I know where I can get some nice performance ones when I want them. Just had to get that off my chest. Had to bring that up.

  6. I don't think many II owners are that interested in upgrading the rear brakes. The fronts do most of the stopping power, and stock MII fronts are not wonderful for high power cars. Most II owners don't have a NEED for rear brake upgrade. Heck, I'm building the Thundersnake to be a 9 second car, and I have no interest in changing out the rear brakes. You'd be surprised how well a set of drum brakes work on the rear. Plus it's cost's a lot more to do rear discs than upgrade the front brakes, because you need the e-brake option to be DOT legal.
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    Ahhhhh yes the wonderful rear drums. See my thoughts are that yes a lot of guys will buy the front conversion for better stopping power due to high 1/4 mile speeds. But just as many guys if not more will buy the front conversion just to get the 5 lug swap for better variety of rims. Therefore needing new axles, brackets, disc, calipers in back. Which you can also still get the Emergency brake option on.
  8. Rear disc kits do exist.
    But as pointed out, why spend that money when the front does 70% of the stopping.
    Plus trying to get or make a kit that has e-brake capability. Of course TurboII has a neat little package for that problem.
    I think rims aren't that big of a deal when comparing 4x4.25 or 5x4.5. How many rims out there actually have the right BS and offset for our vehicles is a better question.
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    Well as far as emergancy brake goes I have a site that will sell me that kit with the E brake conversion. But as far as rims. The Torque Thrust II's look damn sweet on the MII. When spending 20k just in performance parts/machining on a ride like I did you might as well pop for the looks of the car as well. Nice rims on this car is vital to my a car I beleive. Sometimes it makes the car. And when the car is awsome enough without nice rims and then you put nice rims on it. That really finishes it off. Specially if you plan to show the car. I noticed most all the pics of the built MII's all have the cobra R rims on them. I dont want my car to be like everyone elses thats all.

  10. Although I do not really need the disc upgrade for the rear myself, I did do a little research a while back. I found a few kits out there. From what I understood any disc brake kit for either an 8" or small bearing 9" can be used on the 8" rear end. Some of the kits used Cadilac brakes which require very little modification to work with the exisiting emergency brake setup. I will check on Monday to see if I can find some of these kits again when I am not on dial up.
  11. So how would this kit compare to the Baer Serious Street kit? The Baer kit is about $1100.
  12. I would imagine that the first obstacle for a rear disc swap on the original axle housing is going to be the oddball housing end pattern.

    Torque IIs are nice looking, but AR has had some quality control issues, and they've been done to death on just about every car except the II. I had a set of the Eagle 211 for the vette, very similar to the TTII, but without the goofy screw-on cap. Made the wheel center a little cleaner, IMO.
  13. good info

    I wouldn't mind seeing a pic of that sometime Cobramann
  14. I've upgraded the rear brakes on both my cars that were converted to Granada front discs. My '78 Coupe has a '65 Mustang rear end with 10" drums. The '78 T-Top has a '59 Galaxy rear with 11" drums. The 10" drums match up very well with the 11" disc front, Monte Carlo calipers, and the stock master cylinder...without needing an adjustable brake bias. The 11" drums were horribly biased to the rear with the stock master cylinder and Monte Carlo calipers. The 11" drums are currently setup with '70 Camaro calipers in front and some oddball master cylinder with a 1" bore and seem to balance out nicely.

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  16. Yes, I would like to do front and rear discs, 5-lugs, 9-inch Ford, upgrade my suspension, and put 15-inch Cragars up front and 16-inch Cragars in the back. Will this all work together?
  17. CobraIILover, You say your going to have the bolt pattern changed from the 5 lug to the stock 4 so you can keep your rims. That's exactly what I want to do also can that be done by any machine shop?
  18. That's the plan. I dropped them off today, so we'll find out soon. It's just a matter of if they can map the 4 bolt pattern around the 5 bolt, it didn't look like there will be much room to do it because of the pattern conflict. I may have to weld the other holes up first, but I'll let you know.
  19. Sal, were you able to get the bolt pattern changed, if so what was the cost?

  20. My machine shop has all their machines tied up on jobs right now. They should be getting to my rotors next week.