big controversy AOD OR MANUAL

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  1. 93 and older are dont have tranny computers.
  2. I can't believe people can flame over an auto vs. manual debate?
  3. LOL It happens about once a month. they both have pros and cons it really does just come down to personal choice.
  4. k, i still have no decision.... its a tough it not? and well i am looking for the best option for my supercharged stang as i have said many times... also the cheapest option i guess i would go for higher than a t-5 anyway maybe a t-56 or something and a cerametallic clutch to handle the flywheel spinning so damn fast. well i also think an built aod would be nice, i dont know the exact tranny of my car cause it was replaced before i got it so it mightbe more cause this guy really loved his stang. it might be some awesome tranny so how do you check to see waht kind of tranny it is and how do you know if it is built stock... etc i am wondering exactly what to look for
  5. Try and get in touch with the past owner.Stay away from a T-5,it wont last with your HP.
  6. Manual Vs AOD

    My personal Preference would be a AOD. Had our pony since 98 manual sucks in Stop N Go traffic. Properly built AOD is better than a Manual.Drag racing is about 15% point & shoot and 85% driving ability
  7. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Listen to the man :nice:

  8. I owned an AOD with a 2400-2600 converter, and 3.73s, it was a total JOKE! I put the stick in, learned the fine art of powershifting, and the rest is history, Cant stand racing an auto, and plan to be running the stick well into the 10s.

    Also had a sprained ankle and managed the T5 fine... :D

    Like has been said before it's all in the eyes of the beholder. I hate auto, you hate stick, so be it, there are choices...
  9. This is the tech section not an insult section the above is my opinion. It my not reflect yours but it doesn't make it wrong.
  10. Na dude,you took it the wrong way,,I just wanted those guys pointing,dont mind there laughing,I cant controll that. I totally agree with what you said :nice:
  11. Sorry for misunderstanding
  12. 25thmustang i cant wait till you break a leg/ankle/foot/ anything else? Maybe even sprain something like that? And you can't drive your car anymore and you wish you had a built up AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION!

    Don't get me wrong. Manuals are fine for street dedicated cars. As a daily driver? No! Sitting in traffic? No! Anything else?
  13. Bumper to bumper traffic [email protected],you always spill your beer :rolleyes:
  14. thanks a lot guys the problem with contacting the former owner is that even he didnt know what tranny it was he just had a new one installed and built strong. he loved it but he didnt ask questions i guess i could try to find the reciept and callt ehs shop and see if they hace any records. i guess i will lean towards the aod side of things and getting one built yet i still am not 100 percent decided thanks for all the input, anything else would still help

  15. OK,last one,when your girl friend is going down on ya,you dont have to worry about shifting :nice:
  16. Just get one of each!

    I have a 93gt AOD as my daily driver.

    Weekends and Summer sunny days I'd break out the 98 Cobra Convertible 5 speed with 4:56 gears! I could lay rubber through 3rd gear! But, I can remember getting stuck in traffic once and damn-it my clutch foot was shaking and giving out from stop and go traffic.

    But, taking the cobra to the track, I can remember missing 3rd a couple of times :( . But, I have never missed a gear in my AOD.

    There is no right or wrong, just opinion. It's akin to arguements like Ginger or Mary-ann. I say both can be fun!

    As long as your in a mustang and are keeping the "faith" alive, thats all I care about.
  17. I agree that it basically comes down to preference. Find someone who will let you drive their built AOD, and someone who will let you drive their built 5spd. Find out for yourself.

    As for me, I have an AOD. BUT, it's a fully built Art Carr AOD with FMS wide ratio kit, hardened 1 piece input shaft, shift kit, modified valve body, non lockup 10" 2500 Art Carr stall....put it like this, I absolutely roast the tires off in first, lay damn good rubber in second, and bark the hell out of them into third. It wasn't cheap, but in my opinion it was well well well worth it. Great for stop and go traffic (even though it has killed my gas mileage, but i don't mind..hehe) And trust me, when you get on it, it will throw you dang near through the seat.

    But, like everyone says, in the end it is all up to you.

  18. lol, it's real funny you mentioned that, 'cause i've got a cousin with ONE LEG and he can drive a stick. He has a prosthetic that attaches to his stump that he operates the clutch with. When you live on a farm, automatics arent much of an option sometimes.

    BTW, you need to chill the hell out. Calling people dumbasses for liking a 5 speed shows your lack of maturity. I know i personally dont like being called names for something that has nothing to do with you.

    Being afraid to own something because you think you might break a limb and not be able to operate it? That's retarded. You live ONE life man, just one, and then you're in the ground feeding the worms. Why sit back and live life like "what if this happens"? You dont need to get all bent out of shape on other people's preferences because of your own anxiety problems. Like stated above, this is a Tech discussion, not an insult thread.
  19. If you read what I said, I had a sprained ankle and had no issues with the clutch...

    I also have a Jeep with an auto if I so choose to not drive the Mustang. I personally dont like autos for racing, they arent any fun. I dont see why your getting mad about it and fighting, I cant have my opinion on something. I dont buy a car by factoring in breaking a leg, what if I lose all my limbs?? Then I cant drive anything, I buy a car and race it because it's fun, if I break my ankle, leg or anything else, I drive my Jeep and wait until it heels...

    I agree some people need to calm down, this is a post about OPINIONS, post yours and leave it at that, dont get all defensive and attack anyone who post their opinion.

    Oh yeah, Auto Sucks! :notnice: :p
  20. k guys. i have one more question. say i was down at state street cruising around and i got challenged by all these ricers. hondas acuras mitsu's etc. well there is only one car i am worried about smoking, the rest are all cheap 4 bangers with muffler cutouts basically. the car i am a little scared about racing is an eclipse the 1st generation, its a 5 speed and he says that he has a turbo running about 21 psi and he also has nos....WELL WHAT,IF ANYTHING, CAN/SHOULD I DO TO BEAT HIM???he tells everyone he wont use his nos cause he doesnt actually think his car can handle it. so basically what should i do to work this guy. oh and his eclipse was the sporty model with AWD. SO WHAT WOULD I NEED TO DO TO BEAT HIM. look at my mods list and tell me if i could beat him or if not what to do... thanks