big controversy AOD OR MANUAL

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  1. cmon someone has to know what i should do to beat this ricer
  2. I cant say I like my auto. If put a shift kit and converter in it maybe it would be better, but it still wouldnt be any fun to drive.
  3. To smoke the tires you need a linelock for a t-5 auto all ya need is to depress the brakes and step on the gas.
  4. :lol:

    Ladies and gentlemen, I believe the AOD vs. T5 debate has been solved, you may all go home now. :hail2:

  5. Isn't that bad for your rear brakes?
  6. Hmmmmm...

    I dont need line lock, and do second gear burnouts with ET Streets on, I must have a factory freak! :D
  7. thanks guys still no answer on smoking the ricer but its cool maybe i will post a how to beat a ricer thread...
  8. I've had them both as well. An AOD with a shift kit and I am still running the T5. I broke a few AOD's and they are really expensive to fix or replace however I really dont think that it is possible to shift faster with a manual than it is with an auto. It is more fun with the manual but more consistant with the auto. I think that it is going to come down to personal pref on this one.
  9. It is purely your choice.

    I have a Capri and a Mustang with c4 autos. I cant' wait to get my aod into the Capri so that I have od.

    For go fast fun, the 10 in 3000 stall converter and TCI valvebody make the Mustang as much fun to shift manually as a stick, to me. It hits hard, and will bark the tires anytime. If left in drive, you can just slide around quietly.
    A prepped aod will do the same. The od would be icing on the cake to me.

    My daughter had a CJ7 five speed for four years, and while it was fun, once in a while, driving the stick got very annoying very quickly. Especially the one time I had it in city rush hour traffic. It's replacement was an automatic Explorer.

    My vote goes with the built aod. If you just enjoy the stick and don't have to face traffic and hills, that ok too.

    While I have two toy cars, when I just want to go somewhere, 9 out of 10 times I opt to drive the quiet, automatic F150, with overdrive, stock muffler and a working cd player.

    Get yourself a 100hp shot and you're there.
  12. are you getting lots of smoke or just a chirp.
  13. Just back the shoes of so they don't touch the drums.

  14. Forget the ricer ya' putz. It's you against the 1/4 mile. Now that's racing. Your never going to be the fastest on the street unless you start putting at leat 50 -60 nu-speed stickers on your ride. That's the only language ricers understand.

    Oh and every time one of these 16-25 year old punk honda drivin' dorks challenges me (by revvin their rubber-band motor) at a red light, Every time I say "if you want to race, meet me down at woodburn drag-strip", none, not one of them has ever taken up the challenge. NOT ONE!

    I don't care what type "R" it is its all type "***" to me!

    nuf said.
  15. Car stands still until I let off the brakes or the tires (11 psi or so) heat enough to begin to pull it out. On street tires (245/45/17s) It wont move and will stand in a burnout until the tires pop. Burnouts are easy, its getting traction thats the real challenge! :D
  16. hey guys i had a question what is a stall converter and what does it do also what are other automatic mods and what do they do? thanks
  17. I really want to know also
  18. somebody please help
  19. How would you even know it's an Automatic?

    from what I've been reading, a good stall converter will hand a beating to Manual driven cars. But it is more expensive. (stall converter's, and installing)

    another mod, for Automatic cars would be; a transmission cooler. And a 3000- 3800 stall converter.