big controversy AOD OR MANUAL

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  1. Me and my buddy argue about this all the time. He says he could build an auto that could outshift me on my best day. Of course thats true.....BUT if you build a trans to shift instantly and real hard, thats really all its gonna do. If you have a manual you can shift fast and hard when you're racing, or when you city driving you can shift smooth and comfortable.

    I vote stick:spot:
  2. Dude,you have the answer rite in front of you!!! Run a search on torque converters,its alot of reading,but it will answer your questions :nice:
  3. I vote for the auto :nice: I currently have an aod rebuilt, trans-go shift kit..but I decided to go with a c4 instead (more effecient, lighter, smaller) with a reverse-manual valve body. An auto in stock form definitely sucks [email protected], but a well built auto will yeild good results. Most of the guys at the shop I go to run auto's (two 8s. cars, quite a few in the 9-11s. range, plenty in 12's) Don't let anyone try telling you sticks are faster, really it's just a matter of preference.
    I'd go with the auto for these reasons:
    *consistent shifts
    *probably cheaper get a built auto than buying a manual trans that will handle your horsepower
    *Excellent for highway head :cool:
  4. Go Proshifted if you want all out race tranny... :D
  5. hey so ... a stall converter and a transbrake woul dset me back about 1200 big ones?
  6. hello anyone dont let this post die, biggest post i have ever started ....PLEASE!!!
  7. I vote AOD, tonight I just finished installing my 4:10's and must say WOW! I should have done that a long time ago, I had 2:73's. I also have a 5-speed fox and the AOD feels alot stronger and smoother. Only other mods to the AOD is a shift kit and a 2000 stall, I can only imagin what a 3000 stall and a Lentech valve body would do. "DONT FEAR THE GEAR!" :nice:
  8. ok what kind of car is the aod in?
  9. It's in my 89 Stang. Man I still can't beleive the big difference the gears made.
  10. so what should i do to my auto to be able to smoke the manual trannys at my school i found out i have a stock aod :(

  11. Hmmmm......I think this would be close enough>vortech s-trim supercharger, along with the rest of the mods in your sig. By the way do you have those mods on your car or are they in your wish list? Not wanting to start flaming or anything just wondering cause your question kind of made me wonder. :shrug:
  12. so i want a lot of people to check out my car