Big Engine Problems

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  1. I have a 95 mustang 3.8L V6 automatic. It had overheating problems since the day i got it but as long as i kept it full of antifreeze it seemed to do fine but the other day it got extremely hot out of nowhere and started put-putting. after that i shut it off and tried starting it about 10 minutes later but all it would do is keep turning over and put-putting but would start, giving it gas didnt change the sound or anything. I gave it about 30 minutes after that and started it again and it ran but still barely, until i took it out of park. I drove it to work the next day and it seemed fine but when it idled it ran at very high rpm, and when i turned it off it would kind of die out slowly instead of just shutting off. Once i started driving though it seemed ok for awhile than started overheating again. Now yesterday i went to start it and now it wont start at all, same as when it wouldnt start the other day, it put-puts but doesnt start. Any ideas on the problem? Im afraid the whole engine is blown but im just hoping im wrong.
  2. blown head gaskets. was it using antifreeze?
  3. Check your oil too. If it looks like a milkshake, head gaskets.

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  4. 3.8L are notorious for blowing head gaskets. From what you posted, sounds like this is a possibility.
  5. Well the oil isnt milky but the head gaskets were supposedly bad when i got it but it still ran good with a bottle of antifreeze every 2 weeks so im not sure if the head gaskets were just barely holding on and finally gave in or of they actually just went.
  6. How long did you drive on blown head gaskets for?

    Possible the motor is still ok but stop driving it and start pulling the heads off.

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