Big hello from Colorado!


New Member
Apr 9, 2019
Westminster, CO
Hey guys, I've lurked around here a bit here and there mostly when I had my 2000 v6. It has since been totaled from a door hit by a FedEx truck. They were backing out of a one way alley they went into the wrong way to begin with and I just happened to park across the street from the exit. Waited a long time just to be told it was totaled while they were working on it (asking insurance for more money, blah). Anyway, decided to upgrade and bought a '99 GT with a mad exhaust and I couldn't be happier from the unfortunate events. Paint could use a little work as it has just a couple pretty deep chips (you wouldn't notice them unless I pointed them out), and I think it now has an exhaust leak but here she is!

The Duchess:

Had to do a little cosmetic work and remove some stickers and chip off some red paint off of the badges but so far she's looking pretty damn good! Still a bit of work to do but the majority is cosmetic. Enjoy!
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