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  1. Hi everybody... :)

    Tonight we have a big MUSTANG meet at ORANGE JULEP on Décarie Street!


    The KING of the ROAD SHELBY "04... Will be there! :nice:
    Don't miss it... It's the fastess car in Montréal! :hail2:

    Welcome to all the STANGER :D
  2. I'm going there for sure... The bad machine is in town! :flame: :worship:

  3. Yep take some, I sure wanna see this beast.
  4. hmmmm I might try and go with my cousin since my beater needs a radiator (don't want to get stuck in traffic).

    Will there be a lot of Mustangs there? What's this '04 Shelby? Is that the one that appeared on RIDES?
  5. Thursday night or Friday (tonight) night ?

    Damn, I hope I didn't miss this ... posted kinda late last night.

    Yeah, I know, I'm an old man ... 7:45 is late for me.

  6. SHELBY "04 vs VIPER "04

    A SPECIAL THANK'S... for the great night! :nice:

    It's almost every Thursday night we meet there... But last Thursday was specially FAST and FURIOS! :flame:

    The new Viper 2004 (500hp) show up to challenge my beast... Hahaha! NO COMPETITION THERE??? In third gear on décarie highway, the Viper saw my tail! :rlaugh: :nice:

  7. Are you guys street racing??????? :nonono:
  8. Decarie is a PITA for the cops because it's real hard to radar there :D
  9. Euh... Hum! Well, hum... :D
  10. When they have one(Cop's)... They alway cut the last! I mean the loser... :lock: :rlaugh:
  11. Jessssss

    Your car is incredible! :hail2:

    I'm really in love with it, the pic's I take are bad? The flash and your shinny car don't fix well together! I have to taked picture during the day. :(

    I talk to the owner's of the Viper and he said... Poor SHELBY, I have some mod's in my car? I saw a Borla exaust and K&N drop in air filter... It's not a big deal? The rest of the car was pretty much stock for me? He was supose to come back after the race... He never show up! Hahaha :rlaugh:

    Mike your car is so bad, why you don't show me the engine? :lock: :(

    Why you don't pick me up for the race... It's not a friendly action? :nonono:

  12. Come one man... Look at you in a miror! If I pick you up, I pickup 350 lbs in my car... I don't want to be impolite, but it's a fact! :nonono:

    I can get 3 beautiful's fitness girl's for the same weight... :rlaugh: Sorry! :rolleyes:

    You are to fanatic for me man... I'm not a superstar! :shrug:
  13. Well I guest you are right, I'm big! :D
  14. Respect privacy... Please!