Big Stuff 3?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by FastDriver, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. Is anyone on this forum proficient with tuning using this stand-alone?

    The basic timing table and A/F tables are easy, but I can't do much else. I'd love to learn more. The owner's manual doesn't really cover enough for a guy without much experience.
  2. Chris what do you want to know? I know enough to make me dangerous but can give you a few names of some guys who are very good with the system?

    Don Bailey (excellent and has helped me over the phone), Bob Kurgan, Trace Meyer, etc...are three off the top of my head.

    Hows Germany?
  3. Hi Rick. First, thanks for the offer. I've actually got a guy back in the states that tuned car with it on a dyno, and was starting to help me over the phone, but I got so busy with the Army that I had no time to finish the street tune myself. I want to learn how to tune all of the BS3's tables and in particular how troubleshoot driveability issues. I'm going to be back in the states in November for a couple of weeks and when I get there, I'm going to work on the tune again. So, I'd like to learn more about the system before I go. I'm not really looking for tuners per se, unless they want to get into the discussion and give advice or learning points.

    Second, I will not work with Don Bailey. In fact, I hope I never meet the guy in person, because I'm so pissed at him I don't know if I'd be able to control my anger. Despite numerous attempts, practically begging to pay him to tune my car, he continuously blew me off, and I posted in the feedback forums at about my experiences with him - the way he dragged me along and failed to follow through with his promises. He went so far as to threaten me legally, which only angered me further. Then, because I was deployed, I'd previously given him my Mother's phone number as a point of contact if he needed to get information to me about tuning the car. Can you believe that he called her to complain that I was slandering and defaming him. I know that what I wrote made him look like a real jackass, and he was unable to defend against my comments. He told me that he was previously some type of lawyer and that he would sue me. I welcomed it, but no surprise to me, he was blowing hot air. Defamation and slander only apply when the comments are untrue. Further, I felt I had been harrassed - who calls an adult's mom like that, honestly? She couldn't believe it, either. Eventually, he got site admins there involved at to delete my comments. I guess they either heard his sob story and felt sorry for him because he posts there a lot, or they were intimidated by his legal bull**** and either way figured that it didn't make sense to take risk.

    And Don, if you read this and decide to start some bull**** again about this post, I've still got everything that happened documented to include dates. I'm still pissed about it, and I will not hesitate to post it EVERYWHERE. Further, if you try to contact me, my friends, or my family in any way I consider that harrassment. As a moderator that has served the stangnet community for a long time, I think I have a little more pull than you do, at least on these forums. Good luck getting my comments here deleted.

  4. Wow, I can honestly say I am shocked, sorry to hear that Chris. He worked witha buddies Renegade car and was very helpful, tune was spot on and any changes, at the track or in the driveway.

    Bob Kurgan may be a good guy to talk with, I am sure he can give you some insight if your looking for specifics Kurgan Motorsports
  5. Thanks for the name, Rick. There's a guy down in Florida that I can pay to tune it when I get back, but I'd honestly like to know how to do it myself so that if I ever change combinations again, I know how to do it from scratch.

  6. Kurgan posts on corral and seems to be pretty helpful there, mabye shoot him a PM
  7. Oh, great! Thanks.