Big Sway Bar Options?

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  1. Hey guys, long time no chat.
    Well I'm back into auto crossing and have been competitive locally in the new scca class called CAM(Classic american muscle). I had to fight to move the cutoff year to 78 and everyone forced me to add ballast up to the 3000 lb minimum (was 2870) . So to get better I have been fiddling with my car and was curious how a thicker front sway bar would change things. I currently have the stock 1" bar my cobra came with. I looked around and have only found companies(PST, Andys, MustangUnl) selling the 1"(addco's) as the largest size. I have found a few lucky people who got a 1 1/8" in the distant past. Anyone know where I could get one, have one made or use something for another application. Seems the foxbodies have all kinds of options (1, 1 1/8, 1 1/4, 1 5/16, 1 3/8). Anybody know how different they are? I'm thinking the frame mounts may be set too wide to work on a II.

    Another area to work for better front stiffness could be the front springs. I am running the stock V8 front springs cut down 2 inches. Any suggestions on what rate those are and what rates I could try? Any help or tips are welcomed.

  2. your stock sway bar is likely much lighter than any aftermarket bar, even when the same outer dimension. I'd look into that
  3. Hey Alcino, good to see you're still around!!

    I don't know of anyone reproducing a bigger sway bar for the II, but that's not saying no one is. IIRC, Mach 1's are the only model to come with thicker sway bars, front and rear. That's probably where everyone got them. As for a Fox sway bar, I don't think it will just bolt in. Unfortunately we sold our Fox for the move from Iowa to Georgia, so I can't even try to compare them. Combine that with the fact that the Cobra is still in Iowa means I'm not much help at all! You will probably find the answer before I could help, but my brother has an 83 GT, I could compare the 2 when I go back to Iowa to get the Cobra, but it isn't going to be until the end of May.

    As for the springs, I read on one of the forums somewhere where someone used later model springs that he cut to length. I don't remember what rates were at all, but I do remember the op stating that his car handled like a slot car. I know that's not a lot of info, but I will try looking around to see if I can find the thread...
  4. Thanks for the help everyone. Made a lot of disappointing calls yesterday to various swaybar places. Not really surprised by this but I did get email back from by Addco). They said they can make a bigger sway bar if I provide mine for a template for $250 hardware included powder coated black. Seems like a good deal for a one off. I can't sacrifice losing my swaybar in the thick of autocross season so it may have to wait. I saw some images of Fox bars and I don't think they will work at all. I think for now I will deal with what I have and pop under some cars with a tape measure to see if anything popular gets close to fitting.
  5. No problem-let us know how it turns out!