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  1. I turned out of my apartments last night and in a normal fashion shifted from 1st to 2nd...the car was not at full operationg temp but had run for a few minutes before driving... Anyway, while in second with the clutch fully engaged I gave it some fair throttle- Not very hard- But enough to cause a small amount of tire spin (the roads were wet...rained all day). There was a loud 'bang" and then the whole car just shuddered violently. I immediately turned around and parked it in the garage. The car shuddered the whole time. I killed it and checked the engine. It sprayed oil over the driver side of the engine...looks like in the block area, beneath the head. It has drained some oil...not a massive amount...but any at this point is bad. The car has only 1300mi on it. My signature lists my mods. I'm paranoid I guess, do you guys have any opinion or experience to share with the dealer on stuff like this to prepare me? Never gone through this...thanks
  2. Put it back to stock. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY doubt they would void your warranty for the mods you have listed but it's always better to put it back to factory specs before handing it back to Ford.

    Sounds like you got a factory freak in a bad way!
  3. STOCK STOCK STOCK.....this is your 3y 36000 mile car with 1300 on it...dont give them a reason to void it now...I wouldn't even take a chance, dealer service managers can be real a$#holes, they love to tell you its out of warrenty....
  4. Thanks fallas... Cant do anything about the springs though. Ill have it flat bedded to the dealer tomorow morning.
  5. you need to break the car in before you try to spin em
    ide atleast put 5,000 miles on my car before exaughst
  6. 5,000 miles?

    I was whoopin on mine after 1,000.
  7. I havent dogged this car...besides its a Cobra! The manual states that "Your vehicle does not require an extensive break in...try not to drive at the same speed for the first 1000mi".
  8. 5000, how could a person wait that long.

    I was at the street races before it cracked 1000 miles.

    Who cares if it breaks they will fix it.

  9. I would make it 100% stock in every way before you send it back in.
    Don't give them any reasons to ****.
  10. Thanks man...thats what ive done. ...I'm stressed to the max! But I really dont see how they can F with me. 1286mi come on! Hasnt been raced or really screamed yet...was gonna change oil on monday. Its either thrown a rod or blown a head gasket...It'll be interesting too see what they find. I'll let ya'll know what I find out. Thanks for the has helped!
  11. bump...any news on your Cobra??

    I'm interested to see what happened.
  12. Sounds to me like he ventilated the block! Return the car back to 100% stock. Check wheel wells for rubber build up, if found scrape or pressure wash it away. You don't want them saying your warranty is denied because you were abusing the car... Don't laugh... there have been a few Cobra owners who were denied warranty work because they had excessive amounts of rubber in the wheel wells and the service department said it was from abuse (spinning tires)!


  13. ...

    It's true....
    clean em.
    Be obsessive/compulsive about it. Clean it til it's CLEAN!

    Then tell the dealer you don't appreciate your wife being stranded on her way to work ;)
  14. By ventilated the block do you mean blown a head gasket? I had the car flatbedded to the dealer this morning. The servicerep I spoke to did'nt really say much....said they may know something tomorrow and would let me know. Eibach's....those things aint just coming out. They may not even notice the springs, I could barely tell much of a visual difference. So far as cleaning the wheel wells...excellent advice, but I have never burned the tires...I have spun them when I've got on it a bit, but never let em even get close to smokin'. I had "some" wheelspin just before this happened but it was raining and again they werent screamin'. I guess we'll see what happens....thanks again for the replies.
  15. The suspension springs won't be ANY factor in an engine warranty claim. The only time a warranty claim can be denied is if an aftermarket part is shown to be the major cause of the failure. Or you have a dealer who wants to get your warranty denied because they make much money off of you than the factory pays them for warranty repairs.

    You did the right thing by taking off the exhaust...don't give them any room for excuses.

    And if you get a new engine...let it warm up fully and BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF IT! Change the oil after the first 500 miles and you'll have a faster, cooler running engine with no loss of durability. Engine break-ins periods are for a quieter, tighter running passenger/commuter vehicle.
  16. ummmmm...
    these engines are pretty tight....
    They DO call for a 5w20 oil from the factory.....that's a tight build.
    Mine didn't loosen up for about 1,000 actually getting faster the more miles I put on it.

    Change speeds frequently during break in and don't granny it, but I wouldn't flog the **** out of it.
  17. That sucks man, good luck. I would hope it didn't throw a rod that early. Maybe it is just a headgasket. Mine only has 1800 miles and I flog her every once in awhile once she is fully warm.
  18. No... I meant throwing a rod through the engine block! You said it sprayed oil all over the side of the engine. I just assumed it was a major failure...
    As for your springs.... don't sweat it, I doubt they will even notice them!
    C'mon Vic... Ford recommended 5W20 as a means of increasing their overall C.A.F.E. rating... has nothing to do with tight engine tolerances. I'll bet the 2001 Cobra has the same specs/tolerances as the 2003. Personally I think a 20W oil is too thin for our engine, especially for us folks in the deep south! These are very hot running motors and I'd rather have a little thicker viscosity myself.
  19. Engines in general are tighter than they used to be.
    If you run 20w50 in a new engine, the oil pressure will be sky high and I've seen many cases where the bearings are scuffed. A tighter build will call for a thinner oil. I do believe 5w20 is obscenely thin, but it is "energy conserving".
  20. Sorry to hear; putting it back to stock was a good move. I had a similar experince when I had my other car crack a ring. I removed my exhaust and CAI before sending it in. Got the whole engine replaced under warranty, oh and it was an Acura Integra; so before the Honda guys come in here with their Domestic is crap BS. :notnice:

    Good luck, I'm sure they'll take care of it. :nice:

    Keep us posted.