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  1. How do I get a bigger avatar? Who's butt do I need to kiss? :hide:
  2. Tim's. You changed your name again? :rlaugh:

  3. well its the name I have on every other site Im on since I got the Cobra all except for this one so I just wanted to make them all the same.

    so how do I get the super sized one?
  4. It has to be loaded by one of the administrators because they need to change the allowed limits of how large an avatar you can have. I could change the avatar you have now, but it wouldn't be any larger than it is currently.
  5. Your avatar is the same size as the others in your user group. It cannot be changed at this time.

  6. what are the other user groups?
  7. To my knowledge the user groups currently in use are: Moderators, Super Moderators, Administrators, Official Members, Founding Members, Goldmembers, SN Sponsors, Banned by Moderators :D

  8. I'll take Administrator

    k thanx
  9. :stupid:
  10. *snaps fingers*

    Tim get on it
  11. I'll put it on the list.
  12. What you failed to mention is that it's the **** list. :D
  13. Left unsaid and open to interpretation. ;)
  14. Me first buddy I have been a Smod longer :D
  15. Does the gold member status give you a bigger one?

    Open to interpretation :D
  16. Quit trying to overcompensate, would ya. ;)
  18. Too hot to play video games.
  19. weather is total crap here so its been great for playing video games but Ive been working to much to do so. Maybe I'll get some time to do that tomorrow or this weekend.
  20. Whats a Goldmember?