bigger cam?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by needforspeed440, Dec 10, 2003.

  1. I am going to be running a 347 stroker, 30lb injectors, 255 pump, victor jr(210cc, 60cc chambers,2.05int 1.60exh) victor intake, 75mm tb & maf. My cam i have is .540int and .563exh(TF stg2) w/1.6 rockers, my dyno guy (first time talking) said my heads were two big for cam and recomended a cam with me this sounds to big and id run into valve clearance probs. I wasn;t getting anywhere asking him, i dont think he understood my question. Since I am building the thing do i need to adj the valve clearance if i get a cam that big? will one that big wokr? how do you adj valve clearance? BTW i have bought pistons(18cc .030" forged,dished) already.... :shrug:
  2. IMO he is right!! there are too many stangers out there with Huge flows and small cams... and they wonder where their power is, or low end for that matter!! but, The TFS2 is a good mild cam for the 347!! the 112 intake needs to be bumped up a bit and install it at 108 ( to get some lowend back), but it will pull you into the 11s if the rest of the suspension and combo is right!! And that is rocking!! As for needing a bigger cam for the heads... I think what he was trying to say ( IF I know..LOL) in order to take advantage of the Flow with those heads... you need a bigger cam!! In reality you would probably go FASTER with that cam, and smaller heads !! :) :) but to keep a good street combo and power for the 11s !! your good!!

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