Bigger Fuel Pump Wiring Upgrade?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by jchav02, Jun 16, 2014.

  1. I currently have a walbro 255 lph hp pump. Its too loud for my taste so I was looking at a quiet replacement. So I'll probably upgrade to this HFP 320LPH Fuel Pump Ford Mustang GT 5.0/4.6 1986 - 1997
    How do I go about upgrading the factory wiring? Ive found this Fuel Pump Hot Wire Kit but not sure how to install it? Anyone have experience with the hot wire kit? Or other ways to wire pumps that require more voltage?
  2. those usually have you run a thick ass wire from the battery or cig lighter fuse all the way to the tank. the relay taps into the stock fuel pump wiring and the stock wiring just acts as a signal to turn on the relay.
  3. Look at the fuel pump manufacturer's spec sheet for the electrical current draw in amps. Size the wire and fuse it according to the specs given.

    The stock wiring supports 15 amps current and uses 14 gauge wire.

    Wire size current table:
  4. In-tank pump is loud? Something is wrong with it. All the pumps are made by Walbro & all make the same amount of noise, i.e., almost none. With engine running, if you can hear it, something is wrong.
    The external pumps are different, they are noisy.