Bigger V8 from Ford

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  1. I thought it was mullets and trailer parks :shrug: :D :D
  2. :lol: That's right... I forgot... the whole hair gel thing happened around 1988... when the Mustang was still outselling the camaro. :D :D :D
  3. Sad to see ignorant people still exist, it is amazing how a few bad years of the Camaro and Mustang 20 years ago can tarnish the image of these two fine cars today :( but since when does anyone take Honda fanboys seriously :D j/k
  4. Hey! trailer parks arent that bad...

  5. nah, it was booze
    although i wasn't being completely sarcastic. i'd always rather have a bigger engine as far as trying to be cool and all... like any car would be cooler with a 4.6 than a 3.8.
    but if the engine was 5666cc, i'd rather call it a 5.6 than a 5.7, since i like the number 6 better than the number 7.
    of course i'm pretty drunk again tonight....

    seriously though, they gotta take that 6.2 and make the marauder an svt car only. chrysler's taking the 300 up over 400hp with the srt-8.
    Even if they just use the 6.2 for police cruisers, i'd be happy.
    On another note, why are they making a hybrid escape when they should mass produce a hybrid crown vic for the millions of cabs and police cars that spend half their life idling. Those things rack up tons of mileage, and they'd be some of the best customers to benefit from the kind of gas mileage increase the escape is getting.
    So how's that for an example of my incredible inner conflict? 6.2 v8 or hybrid v6?

  6. Volkswagon beetle, didnt they JUST stop making them in Mexico a few years ago? :shrug:
  7. Chevy Suburban has been around since 1935

    Jeep Wrangler, although it was called CJ before wrangler, but basically the same vehicle has been around since the 40's
  8. At least around here. Some of those crown vics run on natural gas.
  9. The problem is at least in my opinion. That it wasn't just a few bad years. Chevy gave up on the camaro. And were only willing to do a redesign every 10 years. And yes Ford did wait a lot longer on the mustang. But since I thihnk it's 1972. they changed the bodystyle more often. And while the last generation was a good performer. I and quite a few other people. Can't help but think it looked like a Geo storm.
  10. About what GM will be doing in for their truck engines? They are building a V10. I was at the GM Powertrain development plant a couple weeks ago and some guys spotted a prototype and asked the tour guide about it. They also mentioned that their cold dyno is going to have support for 10 cylinder engines soon, which seemed odd until the spotting of the V10. The engine is supposed to be out in 2007. They also had quite a few large displacement V8s and front engine V8s hanging around.

  11. A couple questions about those engines. What is the weight of the new 6.8 liter? If it added another 100 lbs on the front end would you still want it?

    And as far as that 3v 5.4. It uses a cast iron block. Which I'm going to say is a safe bet. To weigh more than the aluminum block 4.6 3v.

    Are you against handling? I mean Ford is trying to do (At least to some of us) the right thing. And make the mustang handle better. And part of that is to make the weight balance out better. People are already complaining about the 05 weighing a lot. So now Ford whould add a heavier engine to the nose of it. And throw off the handling they are trying to achieve?
  12. Ford has already tooled up a really excellent Aluminum 5.4 liter block for the GT (40). I think the weight and cost difference would be nominal compared to the 4.6 and the power would probably be comparable to the dodge Hemi.

    A Bullit of Mach with an atmospheric 5.4L 3valve would be cool. The bastards will probably introduce it right after I buy my GT.
  13. Any Iron block V8/V10 in the Stang is out of the question in my book. The current Cobra already has an engine that is 200lbs. heavier than a reg 4.6L V8, so 100lbs. extra for an aluminum V10 wouldn't be too bad in my book. An Aluminum 5.4L 3v wouldn't be much, if any heavier than a DOHC 4.6L and would be lighter than the engine in the 2000 Cobra R and probably lighter than the old iron 2v 4.6L.
  14. So you don't mind that one of the criticisms about the 03's handling was the extra 100 lbs on the front end?
  15. lol well im glad the sober ones understood what i meant by the 5.0's sounding better. I meant engine sound, IE exhaust, how ones engine sounds. Not how the numbers sound ... sigh :shrug:, some people love the sound of a 4.6 some dont, im one of the dont's . Im also gonna say that a V6 is an extremely nice sound if you set your biased opinions aside.

    Apparently i came off as a bit of a ford hater? lol? Im on a ford mustang message board for like a year now, and 2 of my 3 cars have been mustangs, im the first member of my family to own anything other than a ford. I'd like to consider it constructive criticism not hate. That being said:

    I'm going to be completely honest, the Mustang does not handle well. It doesn't have the greatest weight distribution, its heavy, its gas mileage is so-so at best, it has many shortcomings. However, nothing is better than a mustang. The way it sounds is uncompareable to any other car, not to mention the way one feels while driving one. That and the feeling of killing most of the cars you line up against, especially when you know they paid 4 times as much, plus the billions of other pros of the car I didn't mention. Anyways, my point is the Mustang has always been the drag racers car, and as a drag racer you should be customizing the car to your likeing. Ford should have a drag option (such as boss) where you basically start out with the body, and then choose whatever engine and drivetrain you want. Like have all their engines at your disposal. (Mustang is definately coming back into my waiting garage as soon as i have enough money to afford a GT)

    If they made the GT specifically ahve a 6.5 or 7.1 or whatever size this topic is about, it would really only be suited to drag racing, handling would plummet and so would mileage. The 4.6/5.0 is a well rounded engine, not too heavy that you lose mileage, lots of power, easy to mod and light enough to give you decent handling.

    Gas is nearly a dollar a liter for 87 octane. It would be way too expensive to have a 2005 428 mustang that requires 100+ octane as a daily driver. (this is somewhat hypocritical since i (me and the oldman) have a 1968 Cougar GT (428) with increased compression etc. that is the weekend driver)
  16. Ford's advertising should be "Our GT smokes Ferraris and Lamborghinis."

    That would rock!
  17. The weight distro in the 03 was different than the '05, so that extra 100lbs. won't be as bad. I'd rather not have the extra 100lbs. but if that is the only way to get a 450HP/450tq engine than so be it. The '03-04 Cobra handles good (in my book) and is considered the biggest nose heavy pig of any Mustang ever. It's not like a 5.4, 6.2, or V10 would replace the 4.6L and V6. Maybe Ford will build an IRS 4.6L car for the raod racer and a 5.4L/6.2 live axel for the drag guys.

    Just curious, if you were in charge of picking the engine for the next special edition would you pick a 230HP turbo 2.3L I4 or a 375HP 5.4L SOHC 3v? The I4 would save a lot of weight.
  18. There are many reason not to choose the I4. One being that it is underpowered (Not much of a special edition when a gt has more power.). The other being a mustang would not sound right with a I4. But I also would not choose the 5.4. My understanding is they designed this aluminum block to be stronger than before. So I would throw in forged internals and turbo the the 4.6.