Biggest Tire Size On Fox Body

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  1. Hey guys I need some guidance. I have a 90 stang with 5 lug conversion with discs in the front and drum in the rear. I have 17 cobra wheels. There appears to be a small if any backspace. I am looking to go with a 10 or 10.5 inch rim. (they are currently 17x8 with 245 45 17). My quad shocks have been removed so my question is If I get a rim with 6+ inch back space with .5 off set can my goal be achieved? I know I will have to roll the fenders and such. It does not have to be a 18 inch rim. i want the fattest semi low profile tire in the rear I can get without it looking ridiculously from the 90s lol(sticking out 5 inches from the wheel well.. ) I was looking at my bro in laws 04 mach 1 with nitto 315s on it and I want something like that for my fox body. I was looking at something like this

    with 300+35 or 40 18

    Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated ..
  2. I run 18x10 with 285/35s with no rubbing issues to speak of. I know guys with 315s on foxs with no rubbing.
  3. I'm hoping to shove a 325/50/15 under mine if it helps.
  4. 275/40's fit no problem some guys can get 315's to work with the proper backspacing and a little massaging of the fender lip.

    I presently have 245/45/17 on all 4 and will be swapping ot 275/40/17 on the 2 rear
  5. Hope all day long,'s gonna take a sawzall, a hammer, a grinder, and a mig before that'll happen in the real world.
  6. Yep. I've accepted this and will go to a 275/60. But that won't stop me from trying. The SN95 axle and 7.5 BS will help me a bit but it's not gonna work.
  7. I've got 275/40/17's on the rear of mine, on a 10" wide wheel and they fit fine. Quad shock removal is a must, some rolling of the fenders and " tweaking" of the tailpipes is in order as well.
  8. 28x10.5 6.5 bs wheel. No clue how anyone is getting a bigger tire then that in there. Required rolling the lip and a lot of 5lb sledge action.
  9. 315s here.
  10. Wheel spacers? No tail pipes?
  11. I will jump in here.

    if im going to order some rims, 4 lug, I would get 17x9 with 18mm offset? with no quad shocks, I can get 275s in there? what aspect ratio do I order? 275 xx/17? 245 in the front?
  12. Spacers, but I am still running drums. Discs would likely push it out enough that I may not need the 1/4 spacer. I had pipes welded in after the wheels were set so I could address any rub. Honestly it was a lot of work. Raise the car and pound. Test drive repeat.
  13. Fwiw I am told an sn95 rear with an s197 backspace fits perfectly under a Fox. I haven't investigated this further but the math seems legit.
  14. 285/35 on front?
  15. On the front of what?
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  18. No biggie, dude, the guy's will give you some ideas
  19. ive seen guys get 275/40/17s up front. However it required carefully selection of suspension parts, and wheel offsets to do. Do a search on "275s on front of fox" and there's a few threads
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