Biggest tire size on FOX w/ SN95 brakes

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by BaBiLuTH, Nov 2, 2005.

  1. Hey, I have an 88 GT with sn95 brakes all around. I also have 94 17'' Cobra rims on the car. What size tires can I put on the front and rear. I rolled the rear fender a little bit just by sticking a bat under there and having someone else drive the car slowly, does anyone know the best tire sized for the front and rear? Please let me know, thanx.
  2. Well, with 17x8 wheels, the max recommended size is 245.

    So i would say 245/45/17's all around.

    However on my '88 I do get a little rub in the front when i turn the wheel all the way. I am running the same wheels as you. For the front I run 235/45/17 just for a little more clearance. Out back i have 245's.

    You can put a 275 on an 8" rim but it will bulge and be unstable. If you have the SN95 rear setup, it will rub a bit.
  3. Right now I have 245/45/17 up front with no rubbing when the wheel is turned because I cut out a piece of the inner fender shield. The rears are 255/45/17 with no rubbing what so ever. Im thinking that if I go with 275/40/17 in the rear then it should still be ok as the tire will not be as tall.
  4. I have 17x8 wheels with 245/45/17 all around. I used to have a little rubbing at full lock until I put in rack limiters. In the rear, I had to hammer the inner fenders, but only a little bit. Over a big dip, there was a lot of suspension travel, and I guess one tire rubbed a little.
  5. My rear is from a 95. I do have 275's, and they do hit once in a while. When I had the panhard rod disconnected (I busted one of the mounting brackets, had to order a new one), I tore the crap out of the tires. I have not only flared the outer fender lips, but beat them with a very big hammer, and I still had issues without the panhard rod. When I had the 255's in the back I had no rubbing issues at all.

    Up front I have the sn95 spindles as well, and 255s. The front tires will rub the inner fender apron on parking lot turns. Since it is at low speed, and the rub is very light, it does not matter. Once in while I will hit a bump while in a turn and the front tires will make contact with the fender, but there is yet to be any noticable damage due to it.

    To stay safe, and make sure all will fit well, stay with 245 front and 255 in the back.