biggest tires on a 15" rim 94/95

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  1. fronts will be 15x7 bs 4.250in

    rears will be 15x10 bs 5.5in

    i just dont wana rub

    fronts i dont want big just something that will fit the fronts
    backs i want as wide/ tall as i can get with still having not to do any modifications to my rear end/car

    leaning towards a 94/95 and bored at work so looking at options
    might go with a old school looking rim

  2. do you mean big as in wide or big as in tall.

    you do not want a tall tire unless you have a lot of gear

    I ran the "old school look" i think you are talking about.

    My times in signature are with a nitto 555R
    275/50-15 on an 8 inch rim.

    My friend had the taller 275/60-15 which is around a 27.1 inch tire or so. You will want at least 4.10s with this tire if not 4.30s. They will hook at 15-20 psi

    My fronts I ran 3.5s with a 165mm superbeetle tire. The above mentioned friend ran 5 inch fronts with a 185.

  3. well i was gunna go bigger then 275/50 that what i ran on my 15/8 rim on the fox body same tires too on 8 holes

    and i was talking wide sorry for the miscomunication

    but im thinking about going
    Wheel Vintiques 54-5012052 - Wheel Vintiques 54 Series Magnum 500 Chrome Wheels - Overview -
    i think it will look sexy with a white 94-95 gt :)
    and thats the old school look i was talking about to me it looks older but still modern if your picking up what im putting down hehe
  4. Hi
    i run a 325x50x15 on the back of mine... 6.5 bs.. no quad shock and beat in the fender well, rolled fender lip.
  5. In order to get a bigger tire in there, you are really going to need a 6.5" backspacing.

  6. so with a 6.5 bs i could get a 305/50 and not have any problems?
  7. You should be able to, but every car is a little different. You will probably have to roll the inner fender, and remove the quad shocks. I do know that everyone with the biggest tires is running a 6.5" backspacing. There are definitely Mustangs out there with a 305/50R-15, without any tubbing. My drag rims are 15" x 10" with a 6.5" backspacing. Unfortunately, that's not too helpful to you, because I only have a 10" tire on them.

  8. well apperciate the info
  9. ty :)