Bill Cosby tells Jay Leno about his A/C Cobra

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  1. Too bad, money talks again.
  2. Just saw it, hilarious stuff!
  3. This video has been removed at the request of copyright owner NBC Universal because its content was used without permission
  4. Too bad i thought it was funny,

  5. That's hillarious! If I recall, he tells the story on one of his old albums (you know, those giant black CDs?).
  6. Good lookin' out ... I wanted to see it and youtube said no. :mad:
  7. the lp the story was on was called "200 mph" for obvious reasons, and the story was a bit more in depth then his retelling of it on leno.
  8. I saw it and it was indeed hilarious.

    I don't doubt the 200MPH LP was funny too, but you would miss out on seeing his face shaking :)
  9. my uncle has the 200mph album i heard it once a long time ago it was funny to me then i was like maybe 15

    now that i know more about cobras and seeing the other one sell on BJ its even more funny

    its a shame the guy that bought cosbys lost his life in it
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  17. OH that's hilarious :rlaugh:. Thanks Capriman