Billet Specialties Street Lites + front tires + Nitto DR Rear,Like NEW $1000!!!

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  1. SOLD!!!! SOLD!!! SOLD!!! - Justin got 'em! Thanks!

    Note: I posted this in the Fox Body wheel section as well BUT these will also work nicely on SN95 Mustangs since these are 5 lug wheels.

    I have a set of front and rear Billet Specialties Street Lites with Kumho Power Stars front and Nitto DR rear for sale in pretty much mint condition for $1000. I bought the wheels, tires, lugs, and front spacers for my 88 GT that were on the car once for 2 days. I did an SN95 5 lug disc brake swap article for MM&FF magazine. Once the photography was done I drove the car home, removed the wheels and tires and in my garage closet covered they went never mounted back up again. Not one burnout on the rear drag radials, and in total no more than about 60 miles on everything. They never seen water, never were on the car long enough to get dirty so they are super nice. They were supposed to go on my 85 Notchback but I sold the car and bought a 2006 Mustang GT. So I'm getting different drag wheels and tires for my 06 GT later. Everything is in perfect shape, tires are for all intensive purposes brand new. No scuffs, chips, nothing. I'm in everything for about $1500 which doesn't include mounting and balancing that I paid. About $20 per tire. I'm asking $1000 for everything NOT NEGOTIABLE. Shipping is extra.
    FITMENT NOTES: If you have 5 lug fox length rear axles, the rears will tuck nice. If you have 96+ spindles the fronts still fit and tuck but I had to use the included 7/16" spacers. It's close, but they will fit on your fox with 5 lugs. If you have a 94-2004 Mustang GT or Mach I (Not sure about Cobras) these will work great and I would recommend a 1/2" front spacer for super easy fitment.

    Here's everything included with specs:

    2 Street Lite Fronts: 15" x 3.5" with 2.75" Backspace
    2 Street Lite Rears: 15" x 8" with 5.50" Backspace
    2 Front Tires: Kumho Power Stars 165-15s
    2 Rear Tires: Nitto 555 Drag Radials 275/50-15
    Mr. Gasket 7/16" Spacers (2)
    20 Shank Style Lugs with Washers

    I prefer not to ship but willing to. Can drive as far as an hour to meet up for sale. I'm located in the Broomall, PA area (19008) and work up near Easton, PA in Lehigh Valley area. You can also email me at [email protected]

    This pic shows the fitment on my 88 GT. My GT also had a 1.72" drop and they still fit nice!


    Ton more pics of the wheels/tires when i got them and more of them on my fox.
    View Gallery -

    Here's pics of everything after photographing them a couple days ago.






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