Bill's 9 sec GSX

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  1. Greetings to everyone and thanks for checking out the post on my GSX Eclipse.

    I'll start out with the basics:
    -1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
    -16 valve DOHC 4G63 engine
    - AWD 5-Speed

    Engine MODS:
    First off all, the engine has been stroked to 2.3L from the stock 2.0L.
    -Modified Stroker block (6 bolt crank platform)
    -Fully Cryoed block, crank, rods, and pistons
    -Custom Wiseco Pistons (8.5:1 ratio/.020 overbore)
    -Eagle Rods
    -ARP main studs
    -All new freeze plugs
    -Balance shafts removed
    -Butcher crank
    -New oil pump front cover
    -New oil drive gears
    -Line hone, torque plate boring, decking, and plateau honing of block
    -Assembly of shortblock
    -Balancing and blueprinting of rotating assembly
    -File fit rings
    -Aeromotive fuel pump, filter, regulator
    -AEM EMS standalone engine management system
    -All new bearings
    -1G reconned oil pan
    -Cryoed Level 3.5 head (1mm oversized valves)
    -New “big hole” lifters
    -Head “wings”
    -Crower spring kit (titanium retainers/springs)
    -HKS 264/272 Cams
    -New cam seals
    -Cometic head gasket
    -Fidanza adjustable cam gears
    -1G Coil Pack
    -Powdercoated rocker cover
    -1G T-Stat Housing and outlet
    -’90 CAS
    -1G Water Pipe (refurbbed)
    -1G Lower Radiator Hose
    -Magnecore Wires (1G)
    -1G Water Pump
    -Custom Sheet Metal Intake
    -Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel (6 bolt AWD)
    -Powdercoating of various items on motor (t-stat housing, dipstick tube, and CAS cover)
    -Stainless steel rocker cover and oil pan bolts
    -1G timing belt kit
    -Pwr. Steering bracket
    -T4 Garret turbo built by Forced Performance
    -Accufab throttle body
    -Buschur Racing race core intercooler and plumbing
    -Tial B.O.V.
    -HKS T4 manifold
    -HKS external race wastegate
    -3 1/2 in. Buschar Racing Exhaust
    -Modded motor mount (timing belt side)
    -NX direct port nitrous system controlled by AEM
    -MSD DIS-2
    -Custom built tranny built by shepard racing
  2. Fuel injectors? How much boost do you run? I don't know much about turbos (yet) I'm just curious. How do the differentials hold up? Brakes? and last of all what are "head wings"? Sounds like a badass car, the 4g63 is a killer motor. Any suspension stuuf? do it handle?
  3. Right now I am running FIC Disc/Ball Type Injectors (950cc) from, they did most of the engine modifications. The car is also making the 9-second passes at 24lbs of boost.

    I'm running DSS coil-over kit with Koni shocks, and I have 13" Bear big brake upgrade up fron 11" in the back. It handles really well actually. I usually run the 18x8.5 G-games wheels at the shows and 15 inch volk TE37's at the track. I used to snap a ton of drive shafts so i just got the carbon drive shaft fabricated at
  4. Right now he's running whatever this months import magazine says.
  5. O god, here we go with one of these guys. What do you drive Crovax that makes you so worthy to sit here and tell me what I have and do not have on my car? When your driving a Ferrari Enzo then come talk to me. Just because i've worked hard on my car and put the time and effort into making it what it is, doesn't mean you have to get jealous over the fact that people do have nicer things than you do... NEWSFLASH: Someone in the world always has something bigger and better, John Shepard I hate you lol. Just messin' :p
  6. anyways... arent their forum moderators in this place that handle little cockroaches like Crovax?
  7. crovax is a character, until you have been around her for a while, don't judge people.
  8. Funny how they came here to troll but I have the upper hand.
    You can't win. Don't try.
  9. Ummm, why would he need a Ferrari Enzo to talk to you. Is that what you compare your car to? Thats rediculous! He could have a clean '93 GT with good miles and a few mods and laugh at you and your little sisters car club.

    And what the hell do you mean...

    " just because I put the time and effort into making it what it is."

    You know you didn't do a damn thing to that car but peel the stickers off and place them, nice and straight.

    For the record. I am not flaming here. I honestly believe that you are full of crap and your car has next to nothing done to it. Further more, I could care less. And neither does anyone else in a 4 cyl Mustang forum. I hope you get everything on that Christmas list up there and good luck sinking $80,000 into a $4500 dollar car. :rolleyes:
  10. Give him time, if his car's real he's probably a cool guy. either that or he's good with google.
  11. He is full of BS! Here is a quote from assclown #1 .

    And then Assclown #2 .

    Is it me or is something not adding up? :shrug:

    Also, why would he be so thrilled to throw all of the vendors websites in every part he is describing. Like we are going to go on to and be like " oh, those must be the ones he has". :rolleyes:

    He's just wants to show us some of the products he's been window shopping for. He just doesn't relize that of all the people in the world....We are the people who could care the least about front wheel drive DSM parts.
  12. Trolls. And so close to the Lord of the Rings coming out too.
  13. don't run them off goddamnit they're the most entertaining thing this forum has sen in months.
  14. :rlaugh: It's true. :banana:
  15. Look guys, I have absolutley no reason to lie here.

    1) Why would i come into a Mustang forum and sit here and b/s? Why wouldn't I just go to one of the billions of dsm tuning forums and "lie" in there?

    2) No I don't compare my car to a Ferrari, all i'm saying is that i don't think he has anything in his garage that will make mecare about his opinion of my car. Now if he had an Enzo, I would sure as hell listen to every word the guy says.

    3) Crovax, i'm not trying to "win" at anything, i'm just trying to come into a forum that my friend told me about. Where some guys were interested about my car and so I thought i would come and share it with them. Why is that bad? I think your offended by the fact that i'm getting more attention than you are right now. :shrug:

    Finally, this is my car and its MODS, if you don't like it, or don't think I have it or whatever, then just don't post about it. It will sit in my garage regardless of anyone's opinion.
  16. I just bought the car about 2 months ago man, give me a break, and yes I am going to try to have the fastest 2G Eclipse... Right now I don't, if you were listening Mr. Assclown, you would've known that I already said that in the other "let's jump on 2 guys" thread.

    ...and what about my carbon driveshaft, you never heard of one?

    ...and i'm so "thrilled" to show of my vendors websites, because they helped pay for a lot of the modifications done to my car. And if he had a GT that had "basic mods" and it handed me my ass, I would shoot myself in the face. If that was even close to possible everyone in the racing world would own a Mustang. Look at the original post, there isn't one link to any type of site besides my signature (BTW, how do I get that damned thing to work?)

    FYI, it's AWD not FWD. I'm pretty sure I mentioned that as well. LEARN TO READ THE POST BEFORE YOU FLAME ON IT! :bang:
  17. Tell us more about the turbo... what compressor? what trim?
  18. Dont down someone for having a nice car the only reason i invited him. Is because everyone didnt beleive me. I do not lie i wouldnt lie im 18 years old why would i sit in a chat and lie. Im here to learn about mustangs im not gonna lie i know nothing about them. Like i said i know imports thats why i am here to learn. And if your that into cars you should have respect for anything that someone puts their time into. Because at least someone is trying because thats what we all in this forum started off doing. later Dan
  19. Riiiiight. I have no clue what's really going on, but um, Im sitting back and eating popcorn havin a damn good time though. This is excitin'.
  20. I will not fight no more its gay ...?
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