Bill's 9 sec GSX

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  1. Everyone shut the **** up and pay attebtion to me now!

  2. Wrong! You said you do have the fastest 2g eclipse. on many different posts. Show or not. You and your little sister have been talking like this car is DONE, and making 9 seconed passes down the track. You even wrote out your time slip. You also stated that you attended shows and that is how you came up with the show car theme. You also stated that you used to break drive shafts all the time. You also stated that you have worked hard and put alot of time and effort into your car.

    What you are trying to say is that. 2 months ago you bought this car.
    Had a shop gather, assemble, clean, carbon and powdercoat a $10k dream engine and drop it in. There were no troubles, fitment issues, tuning issues, parts on backorder, or any delays in what seems to be the fastest 2g DSM engine in the country. You then had extra time to do all those suspension, brake and wheel mods. You even somehow found time to get the car to a few shows in the freezing cold months of November/December through a snowstorm.
    You then, lol, Made time to make multiple visits to the track(where else would you break a few driveshafts), and even some dyno time where you came up with the 600hp number. All in 2 months. :nice:

    YOU ARE FULL OF :bs: :bs: :bs:

    That or you are the Great Gatsby. :shrug:

    Because you will be called for the liar that you are in 9.79 seconeds.

    Ladies and gentleman of we are talking to the John Dell Blair of the DSM world only he is 18 years old and built his car in 2 months or we have a LIER on our hands. You make the choice. :)
  3. :rlaugh:
    ok you win
    I'd like to change my vote please.

    put me down for one "Liar."
  4. :lol:
  5. hey you have a gsx those are pretty cool how much do those run for a pretty stock one. my brother wants one. and also do you no want a GST runs in the 1/4 mile? my brothers friend has one. any way even if you are bsing all of us the GSX is still a pretty cool import to get. :nice: something different then just the honda- acura route that most people take.
  6. let me ask you a question? When did I ever say it was done? Let me ask you another question? How fast would your Mustang be if you had $81,000 at your disposal? You could make a car run 9's in a week with $81,000... People say it's unfair that I got bit by a dog when i was a little kid and i shouldn't have this car. So i'm guessing that if they had the money they would just throw it away right? lol you amek no sense spooled. Why are you such a jealous person, egt over the fact that I have a decent car. God that is so childish it makes me sick, how old are you?

    Anyways, I picked up my eclipse for 4500 but i knew the guy i bought it off of. GST's also have the 4G63 powerplant but they don't have the AWD drivetrain, its FWD. So you''' be making a ton of power and won't really be able to put it to the ground. The fastest GST i've seen was high 10's, and he had an assload of money into it, plus it was fully gutted. I have a full interior and a 12 point rollcage.
  7. I wouldn't know. I'd be wasted 24/7 :nice:
  8. so cougar how was the snow day at West. saw you during lunch, didn't want interrupt. just wanted to say hay, and trying not to talk about a GSX in a 2.3 forum.

  9. Was it red?
  10. I'm pretty curious about your car. you stated earlier 600AWHP how could I not be curious?
  11. Oh and about this "I only know imports" thing, gas burns the same all over the world. An engine is an engine, weight shift is weight shift, and turbos are turbos. If one has attained a fundamental understanding of how cars and engines work, they should be able to apply their knowlege to easily decipher the specifics of any paticular model without much of a hump to get over. I'm not trying to argue with you or flame you. I've just heard this alot recently and didn't realy think it was worth it's own thread.
  12. suck my d-i-c-k you worked hard for that someone gave you $81,000 and you pissed it away dumbass
  13. Allright, listen youngster. Your full of *****. Enough is enough. I'm not gonna waste anymore time stating facts of how much of a liar/idiot you are. No amount of money can buy time. Now your adding that you installed a 12 point cage in that 2 months of ownership. :rolleyes: Give it up already. I knew it would be a matter of time before you stuffed your foot in your mouth. If the car has all those mods, is attending shows and at the track making 9 seconed passes then it is done. If all that was done in a matter of 2 winter pittsburg months then you are either full of crap or god. :hail2:

    In conclusion...

    I do believe that you have an Eclipse, even a GSX. I have no problem believeing that you got the $81k. I even believe that you could have, or are interested in purchaseing a $10,000 motor.

    I dont think Assclown #1 would have told me about all that with Assclown #2 having nothing to do with the conversation. You could have left it at that but instead you came on here drawing up this big fairytail about a 9 seconed show car. Your buddy said theese things will be done and then you confirmed that they are already done. Now you are saying that they are not done. :shrug:

    Now, If anyone on this board chooses to believe theese children then please accept the fact that they are making a fool out of you.
  14. BTW. I have nothing to be jealous of. I hate imports and 18 year old kids that lie about whats done to them. I think your car sucks and i wouldn't let my little sister own it. I'm glad you got your money and I think spending it on college is the best idea.

    Here is a working link with PICTURES to my car. It is real, runs the numbers and available for you to race anytime your car is ready.
  15. My car is 2.3L, its not a Mustang but who cares...
  16. It's interesting with the 245's on. Big slides and stuff are way too easy. Last night i was doing so many slides, that i was dizzy when i got home :lol:You driving yours? I got the ACT tomorrow morning, so i'll have some fresh snow to work with then.
  17. Timeout, is that a challenge because i'll run against you anytime you wanna go man. Hell, I won't use nitrous and only 15 lbs of boost and still whipe your ass up, and how is it so hard to get an engine built in one place and get a 12 point rollcage installed at another, I think your the only ass clown here...
  18. Question, how are you getting 69 lbs/hr out of a turbo which maxes out at 55lbs/hr?
    While your GT-30 compressor wheel kicks ass (not turbine wheel like you think :rolleyes: ), it is limited to 55lbs/hr which is only 550hp at MOST. Your claim of 600rwhp results in at least 690 flywheel horsepower (69 lbs/hr) which is WELL over what your little GT30 is cabable.
    I am throwing a big BS flag up in the air.
    Your full of bull ****.
  19. haha

    Dude if you dont beleive its fine then you dont have to talk junk about it and him. Your sick of 18 year olds and were children your acting like one when the site comes back up ull see the whole car completly done. Then you will just feel stupid.
  20. hmmm, somehow compressor maps and math just mean so much more than the trash that spews from your mouth. :rolleyes: :notnice:
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