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  1. anybody know where to get em for cheap

    best place i found was but it was still a nice chunk of change

  2. if you find em anywhere cheaper, josh at will match the price.
  3. I couldn't find anywhere cheaper than stangsuspension when I was looking around for them. I think that is your best bet.
  4. Bilstein's won't be "cheap" anywhere you go....but I'd guess they're worth it considering the amount of difference you'll see for the buck!
  5. I know a place to get the Bilstein BTS for $713 shipped, I think stang suspension is around $740 without shipping. But I'd have to look for it only if you really wanted the BTS.
  6. I got mine at, awesome store. You could always check Ebay too. Either way it will be fairly pricey, but so worth the money - never has my car felt so solid when taking hard turns, and its very stable at highway speeds. Bilsteins FTW :nice: :nice:
  7. I paid $450 for mine new off ebay
  8. I paid right around $600 for my set but for some reason Howbar Motorsports doesn't come up on the internet anymore. They are a good shop out of California.