Expired Bilstien Struts and Shocks

Discussion in 'Suspension Parts' started by Farrell5.0, Mar 17, 2013.

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  1. I have these Bilstein's here with 5k miles on them, I've decided I want to go with a coil over set up. I'm located in Vancouver, Washington. If the offer is right, I can ship out. $500 OBO

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  2. IRS or SRA?
  3. Monday bump
  4. Bilstein part numbers?
    I have 03 Cobra IRS Bilsteins now - the rears do bolt in, but as I found out the shock rate is much higher and won't work on a SRA car.
  5. I will check first thing when I get home this afternoon.
  6. Shocks: F4-B46-2148-H1
    Struts: F4-V36-4138-H3
  7. Are you willing to separate? I'm interested in the front struts.
  8. I suppose it depends on what you're willing to pay lol
  9. I'll shoot you a PM

    Shocks still for sale $300 obo
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