Bithlo worth it on Wednesday nights??

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  1. Down in FL for spring break with some buddies for the week and need to break up the drinking a little; preferably watching some 1/4 mile action. I've been to the track in Orlando on a handful of friday nights while I was working down here, but never wednesdays. Is it worth going to the track on a wednesday as a spectator? Would rather not pay the $10 and watch a dozen cars for 4 hours. Thanks.
  2. usally when i go was on a wednesday night... and cars are usally wraping all the way around like where u first come in at.... 40+++ but u never know... never seen it slow
  3. Wednesdays and Fridays are both pretty busy. If you are goin out this wednesday one of my friends should be out with his Magnum SRT 8. Last time out he went [email protected] stock.
  4. firday nights and wednesday nights are pretty much the same. I wouldnt be able to tell you the difference actually. You still see nice cars both days. Last time i went out i saw a new z06, ive seen twin turbo vipers, 9 second cars, etc. If your in the mood to see some drag races then go have fun, bring some beer if your not driving. But after going a few times now to race and watch and stuff, i wouldnt go back just too watch, it gets alittle boring after a while. Have fun though, races end at 10:30, i wouldnt suggest going till like 8, thats when it gets full.
  5. I'm hoping it's not tooo busy tomorrow night...plan on running my car to see what she'll do with the new cam and intake. I'd say friday night is better if you want to watch...last time I went I only got to run once in like 3 I'm hoping that Wednesday nights are alittle slower so i can get some more time in.
  6. You staying in Daytona for Spring Break? Be awesome if we could all meet up! Let me know!