black 05 on freeway (photos)

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by 66Satellite, May 28, 2004.

  1. thats been around
  2. Sorry, I just saw the date on that thread. Oh well, they were new to me. I don't check the other Mustang boards much.
  3. I don't either, nice shot either way.
  4. Damn the new car has an ugly ass. The front and side look pretty good, but that looks like garbage. All rounded over, with the mufflers hanging down. :puke:
  5. Huh?? To each his own. Looks great, tailpipes and mufflers look tight and right to me.
  6. Delete the rear wing and the ass wouldn't look so big.

    That thing is begging for some wider tires.
  7. A little high-temp, flat black spraypaint on the muffs might make then not stand out so much....but who am I kidding, mine will be mufflerless soon after I own it anyway :D

  8. Will they have aftermarket exhaust without the mufflers in the rear like that? or is it impossible, the way the chassis is designed you can't avoid having the mufflers in the rear like that? It's FUGLY that way! :nonono:
  9. wish we had the concetp tails too. that design looked nice when it was angular on the current mustangs, but looks bad all rounded
  10. It needs some work done to it IMO
  11. Yeah the concept ass was a lot better IMO too. I cant believe anyone digs the visible muffler crap. Thats what you expect to see on a v6 accord, not a Mustang GT.:shrug:

    Removing the wing will probably help as suggested. The curve to the wing gives it an odd look.
  12. Well i think it looks awesome Except as stated about the Muffs but who gives a Hoot Most serious guys will rip that stock exhaust off quick (i DO) and you know Flowmaster ISNT going to put em there! And i think the Backend isnt so big but its up higher in the air which gives it that apperance Drop it with some new springs Put some Rear louvers on that and a 1971 Go-Wing and those New Side window Delete Scoops Bright Red With the Mach 1 Stripes and some big 18x9 Bullit Rims! OOOOh Yeah im getting a woodie already!
  13. I agree on the mufflers, or are they resonators. That's gonna suck and a freaking nightmare when updating the exhaust. Hope it will be simple enough like the 94 to 96 Pimpala SS.

    Also kiss that P.O.S 3 year Ford warranty bye bye. :bs:

    BTW, can anyone confirm the story that the 05 will have a live axle versus IRS? That car will look slick lowered with 17x9 and 17x10.5 Black or Grey Bullitts.
  14. God, those mufflers behind the axles suck....what the hell were they thinking. I sure hope you can put some aftermarket mufflers before the axles but I doubt it :nonono:
  15. I dont care for thie wing either. maybe if it sat on the trunk, not lifted...

    The mufflers there does seem odd, I am willing to bet there will be a fix for it real quick!

    Where there is a will there is a way!
  16. seems to me that the mufflers are there for better weight distribution
  17. The new GT has a live axle.
  18. Yea the exposed mufflers just scream "poor design".
  19. The mufflers were moved to the back so that the fuel tank can be moved ahead of the rear axle.

    Sorry to say but there will be no room anywhere except where they are now to mount the mufflers. Look forward to seeing Fart Cannons on the new stang.