black 05 on freeway (photos)

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  1. Hey, if you like your 15 second modified '97 V6 better than so be it. When put next to each other, the 2005 GT looks like a pile of crap.
  2. my car will probably run better then 15 since i havent been to the track since i installed my gears and my new ported split port... but lets put your 94 up to the 05 that ought to be intresting considering my 6 could have beaten your car before you installed the manual asuming your just not listing the t-5 to take up space... i just don't like the way the 05 looks sorry i'll leave you guys alone now
  3. I know my car will lose to the '05 cuz I realize that the '05 is a BETTER CAR!! You just proved my point all along.....thank you. *sigh*

    BTW, its a stock manual transmission. I just got the car not long ago and was happy to be able to say it was a manual having had an AODE as my last GT. The signature doesnt have to be only for things that you've physically modified.
  4. I dont mean to put down your car. Its a respectably fast V6. I just dont see how anyone in their right mind would put down the 2005 so quickly and drive a '97 v6. The 2005 is lightyears ahead of your car in styling, power, suspension, weight distribution, chassis rigidity,ect, ect. I can understand you dont like a few appearance parts on the car. Thats fine. I'm just so sick of hearing....'oh my, those mufflers look horrible. what was Ford thinking? I'm never buying one of those now!' Okay, its a muffler. There is more to the car than the mufflers. And yes, I too would rather look at the mufflers than the nasty fuel tank.
  5. My friend Erin took those pics on her way up to my place in Michigan from Ohio.. it was taken around the Toledo area. :)

    We see them all the time around here. That one is still one of the preproduction test cars.
  6. The only thing I don't like about the new stang is the rear end, I had a 67 fast back and I think it would really look good with an "inny" talillight section like the 67 and 68's. This view looks too much like a mid '80's nisson
  7. If someone would post a rear-shot of a '70 sportroof, you'd immediately see where Ford got their inspiration on the '05 from. I can understand it taking some initial "getting used to", but look at how much "getting used to" the '99 took when it came out. It took me AWHILE to warm up to all those incongruous body lines slicing the car up all over the place. I've learned to let things stew and cook awhile in my noggin before coming out and saying "this sucks, that sucks, I hate change, I'll just dump more money down a rathole trying to get my 6-banger into the high 14's so stock Nissan Altimas carrying baby seats and groceries will quit eating my lunch stoplight to stoplight". But hey, I'm out of line there. I can respect wanting to make a V6 quicker. But it sure is paddling upstream. Like trying to teach a cow to dance.
  8. man....sooo disappointed with this new GT. :nonono: :nonono:

    I can't believe they f'd up the design so bad. God.

    Just keep mine till it dies then buy a new camaro. :D
  9. Uh, can't we all just get along??

    :nice: Opinions are like a$$hulls, everyone has one and they all stink. :nice:

    However, we all have one thing in common, we all love the Mustang! :flag:
  10. Alot of people said the same thing about the SN95s (I was one of them). I had owned '85 and '92 LX 5.0s and just hated the new design. But over time and with the redesign in '99, I grew to like it. Maybe your opinion will change over time as well. I personally like the new '05 GT (it's too bad I just bought a new car or I'd be looking at one).
  11. I believe he was being a little sarcastic when he said that. :D
  12. Complaints based on mufflers, taillights and spoilers sound like ricer concerns to me.....SHEW RICERS!!

    Here ya go.... away
  13. Well Hell! With all the naysayers in this forum it gets hard to tell the real ones from the fakes!
  14. a lot of people said the same thing about the 99-ups back in 98. the new 04s look much better than the original 99 imo. i guess it will take some time.
  15. AXIStang...its a waste of time man. These kids just want a place to whine. The car could be flawless and to them the antenna would be too long.

    They were all looking for the concept car itself to be on lots for under $25,000 so they could show off how pimp their taillights, spoilers, mufflers and stripes looked. LOL....they dont even seem to care what is under the hood... :rlaugh:
  16. that is the wrong attitude to take. Don't just be happy with what they give you. I am one of the naysayers that says the new rear looks like a**. I didn't like it in the 70's and I don't like it now. The body is one of the defining thing of a mustang and they just did not hit the mark. I love my 04 rear compared to the 05 and yes that includes the lack of mufflers, edgier tailights, and love of the scoops.
  17. Styling on any car won't appeal to everyone.

    I'm glad you're happy with your 04.

    One less competitor when I go shopping for my new Mustang next year.
  18. scottie i didn't say i wouldn't be buying one. You know I have been on these forums for a long time. Mine will be an se just not a gt. I don't think they have the body right yet. Its a little ungainly but eventually they will get it right
  19. At the same time there are MANY mustang owners that dont like the fox body style. There are many that dont like the lines of the 94-98. And likewise there are many that dont like the newer body styles. I myself think that the current body style is too angular and doesnt flow very well. Makes the car look really bulky. Others think the same way. The car still sells and its still a success.

    Basically, while you think the body is crap, many people such as myself like it. You cant please everyone but you can please a majority and create an aftermarket that will allow for you to make it however you want for it to be. And while there have been a lot of complaining/whining about the new car, I'm sure that will all change when it is seen in person and when you start to see them lowered, with wheels, body kits, etc. Especially since thats what seems to concern you guys most is the easily changable cosmetic stuff. No body typically keeps a Mustang stock appearing anyways so what difference would it make what it looks like stock. I cant wait for it to come out!!! :hail2:
  20. i agree i just think they should have put a little more its to bland for me right now. When the se and cobras come out there will be one joining my mach in the garage.