black 05 on freeway (photos)

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  1. Okay, i'm stupid. What is this SE business?
  2. special edition ie. mach 1 boss gt350 etc
  3. Oh I wasnt aware that they were awarded an SE badge
  4. Bullit style wheels date to the 60's and 70's. If you have them on an 80's/90's era Mustang, you've "tastelessly" carried them to another generation already.

  5. Ok, let's go back in time. The mustang's point was not to be a pure sports car. It's name was created as a version of of a family sedan packing a little more horsepower. Yes, over the years it's been considered a car that only sports car fans will enjoy, but what they are bringing back now is that same look that swept the auto industry in the 60's, long before I was born. Personally, no matter what comments are made on this thread, I will be in line for this reincarnation of a muscle car. Put into perspective, had the Grand Am's been around in the early 60's, they would have been direct competition for the stangs, so, put in the same category now, who's going to take the light to light sprint, nuff said.

    Yes, the rear end looks a bit bulky, I said the same thing in 99, being the owner of a 95 GT at the time. Looking all the way back to 94, the Mustang's have had a bulkier rear end than most other cars. Solution - Eibach.
    The wing, if you don't like it, that's why they have option packages.
    Either way, with 300 horses, most people are going to have to get used to looking at that fat @$$ alot more than they used to. Go Ford, you did a wonderful job for something that's waited 25 years to happen.
  6. Blazin, realize that Ford wants the GT to have WIDE appeal to alot of people. They're trying to put out the perfect "canvas", from which you can choose to individualize as YOU see fit. It's a piece of cake to clutter/scoop/badge/garbage-up a car. But it's hugely expensive and difficult to UN-clutter/scoop/badge/garbage-up a car. Not that I'm suggesting that you'd make a rolling clown-car out of yours, I'm just illustrating a point. I'm glad that Ford kept it clean classy and simple, I think it's SMART business sense. It'll be easy for those who want a more aggressive look to turn to the aftermarket, and at the same time the car isn't an embarrassing kid-car for those who prefer to keep things subtle and understated. I think they struck a great balance, from which people can do myriads of different things to suit their own sense of style. They can take more risks with the SE models, because they only need to appeal to a much smaller amount of buyers to purchase a much smaller production run of cars.
  7. RICKS...the point you are missing is that they dont care about what others think. They want the car to be perfect to them right off the line or nothing at all. If the car isnt perfect to them personally, that means the car is garbage. I guarantee tho that the cars these people drive have been altered to better suit what they like. Mainly cuz they didnt care for the stock look of it when they got it. But, of course, thats completely different.
  8. Oh, I understand the nitpicking, whining, and endless bellyaching you get no matter what the car looks like. The Pope could bless the thing, and Buddhists would say it's prejudiced to Catholics. Hence my aforementioned quip: "picking the fly $hit out of the pepper". Or, another very good one, complaining that the antenna's too long....
  9. Hey fellas,
    Yeha i was being sarcastic... :D

    I really love the front of the 05..i think once this car is out and we see it everyday things will change. who knows. Not everyone can like everything.
  10. 00VERT_GT....your avatar is very disturbing
  11. Here's some pics taken off of a local mustang website. This first one shows the interior. Looks pretty nice to me! Just different, but some dont like change or to be different.


    Here is the '05 in Sonic Blue I believe...WOW, that looks good

    Look at this pretty '05 parked next to the SN95. The SN95 looks VERY wimpy and gay compared to the mean lines of the '05. The '05 is MUCH more pronounced.

    I see nothing but good things coming of this car. I'm willing to bet it sells better than any other year Mustang ever.
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  12. In 1966 Ford sold 607,568 Mustangs. How much would you like to wager??? ;)
  13. haha I dont know what you all are whining about, thats the best stang body since the 60's. Too bland? lol looks better then a decked out 2004 imo. If its to bland for you then thats what aftermarket parts are for :)
  14. Oh my god that black + red leather interior looks beautiful.
  15. any more pics of the black. Well thats why I am buying an se because it is too bland
  16. Nah, I dont have anymore pics. I wish I did cuz I really like all three of them. I take back my comment about this being the biggest selling Mustang. However, I bet that it is one of the top 5 of the 40 years of Mustangs.
  17. EVeryone has there own opinion... mine? i have a 2002 and i hate the body. im SO sick of the fox body style and to me this change is great. I dont know what you people are complaining about.... its no plain... thats what the aftermarket is for. I know i will be changing the hood first, then maybe exhaust if that. To me this resembles a Mustang MUCH more than the 99+ sport body look.
  18. Yep its about time they did away with the fox, its a stang not a fox :shrug:
  19. totally off topic guys, but i havent had a stang for 12 years and i just noticed from the interior shot of the 2005 that the parking brake is closer to the driver than the stick. how long has this been the case? does it cause any problems? thanks
  20. The first five years of Mustang production were huge. 1969 was the lowest of the 1st five, and they still sold just shy of 300,000 units. Today, trucks sell in those numbers, not cars. It's a different world, different context. The new Mustang will not sell like the originals did, won't be in "the top 5", but that doesn't mean they won't be a HUGE sales success within the context of TODAY'S automotive industry.