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  1. SOLD thanks to craigslist. lock please. i have a 2000 GT 5 speed with 85000 miles. cleanest 2000 i've ever seen. its never seen snow and its never been smoked in as long as i've had it. it shows NO signs of rust or corosion on the whole has a newer accufab plenium, bbk cold air intake and a throttle body. it has a h pipe to 40 series flowmaster.(very loud and hollow tone) also has a mach 1 chin spoiler and grille delete kit. its in very good condition for a 2000. it has silver stripes and the black leather interior is in great conditon. has new fr500 deep dish wheels wrapped in 315/35/17 sumitomos on back and new dunlops on front. oil changed every 3000 miles with fully synthetic oil. for pictures email me at [email protected]. also have stock parts, 20 bullitt chrome lug nuts, and extra 3.27 rearend gears to go with car. great deal for the mods and how well its been taken care of. never seen a winter or snow or salt! stored in an enclosed trailer in a pole barn askin 7500 firm!! thanks. pics at

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  2. 7500 firm!!
  3. bump again. lots of people intrested but no $.
  4. Where do you live?
  5. mid ohio between cleveland and columbus. can take car about 3-4 hours any direction for right price.
  6. still waitin for one day to get on here and see an intrested buyer. have so many trade offers on craigslist for over 8 grand but i need cash! just wantin that whine of a supercharged car next but gotta get 8 to buy that car:D
  7. bump. its got new deep dish fr500s on it as well with 430 dollar tires onthe back and 350 on the front. both ingreat condition. looks great now. cost me 1100 total but price stays the same.
  8. car kbb for 7900 stock. + 2000 worth of extras= 9900! selling for 7500.....
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