Black Chrome Mach 1 rims??

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  1. Anyone know where to get a set? im not talking about black and chrome im talking about the black chrome rims like these with the deep dish rear

    compliments of pyros
  2. It looks like AFS used to make them, but they are not currently available with the deep dish rear....I want the stock machined finish in a 18X10:hail2:
  3. Those are sick rims. To the thread starter you can find these on ebay really easy. And yes AFS does make these. They are actually the ones who have them listed on ebay. You can also acess the link to their website on there as well. I believe they are like $945 or something like that for all four wheels. I think you get a set of tires as well in that package.

    I was thinking about getting those a while back but I heard the black finish on the chrome can wear off fairly easy. Does anyone know if that is true? Seeing them on that car is inspiring me to order a set.
  4. I did'nt hear about the peeling problem these rims have had until I already ordered my AFS Chrome Mach 1 rims. They've had alot of complaints of peeling lately. I guess the company will replace your rims if they start peeling, but who wants to deal with that in the first place. After only the 2nd time of me just washing the rims I've already noticed peeling on the outer part of one of my rims. This was after only two weeks on my car. I'd look for another rim. :notnice:
  5. Wow so I guess it is true that the finish comes off. I think that is the case with any "black chrome" items. I have read articles on the internet about these rims having that problem. Then I have also seen articles about black chrome trim pieces made for other cars peeling and even black chrome Zippo lighters losing the black finish over time. I agree I would look for another type of rim. I would only buy these if I were bringing my car to car shows or something because they do look really attractive but apparently won't last under daily driving conditions.
  6. I saw some bullits in the black chrome at a car show last weekend and I really didnt like them in person. Looked almost bronze or brownish.
  7. man that blows, so once they start peeling whats underneath??
  8. It looks like maybe their is afew layers of chrome maybe. Where mine is slightly peeling it's more of a tarnished looking chrome layer underneath.
  9. Damn those look soo good too:nice:. I was thinking of looking for something different in black chrome before i got my fr500's, now i'm glad i didn't I do like the mach 1 style wheels especially with the dd.