Saleen black faleen notch

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by mwood, Jul 28, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]

    Anyone know who's faleen this is?
  2. i have seen pics of that car before. It looks pretty cool even if it is a clone. Looks mean.
  3. It's supposed to be a SA-10 right? Those didn't come in notchbacks did they?
  4. It is an SA-10 clone, of sorts. No SA-10's came in notchback or coupe form. That car, less the ridiculous hood, and the even more ridiculous lower windshield banner, is a very nice reproduction.
  5. Agree on the lower windshield banner, but what if you need a cowl to fit the motor? I'm putting a carbed 408w in my mustang. An aftermarket hood is my only option. Not sure, but I'll likely need at least a 1.5"-2".
  6. Yeah, the hood & lower windshield decal has to go. Nice looking though! Too bad Saleen didnt do an SA-10 coupe. Atleast someone wanted to try to see what it would all look like w/ great success!
  7. 1.5"- 2" cowl hoods look fantastic, they follow the factory body lines, perfectly! If you need a
    4" cowl to clear the motor, then you simply have to have it. However, I still think that they look ridiculous on a street car, just my opinion. That car, with the lower windshield banner and the giant cowl, how the hell can the driver even see?! That can't possibly be legal, and pass inspection, in any state!
  8. Ridiculous hood?? If you need a 5in cowl....then that's what you get. This guy needs it, he is running a 351 or 408 engine, with a driver side vortech mondo w/ igloo aftercooler for an upper intake. He needs it....
  9. whats an inspection??? lmao just playin..michigan would welcome that car with open arms..haha no inspection here then the body would rust out...but the state boys would nail him for that banner..i can dig it tho i seen a real sa10 on ebay that was at $78,000 and didnt even meet the reserve yet...nice car IMO:nice: