Black Ford Oval Emblem?

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  1. I've seen one of these and if I could fine it, my car would be completely blacked out...stupid blue.

    Where can you find a black ford oval emblem for the deck lid?
  2. Wow, kinda pricey. Anybody used these guys? Are they just taking the factory ones, breaking them open and painting it themselves?
  3. ehh.. I don't know.. never heard of these guys... it's a rip off IMO $50 for emblem? :puke:
  4. I am interested in this as well, here are my resources:

    the emblem there is black with the silver ford lettering, not completly black, but close.

    "Easy steps to changing the background color of Ford emblems - Derek Hartman
    I've been picking a lot of things up from the Ranger Forum lately, and this one takes the cake. This is a VERY simple way to change the background color of your Ford Emblem, it doesn't have to be blue! All it takes is some sand paper, paint, and some clear coat. Here are the steps:

    Step 1 - You will need to get the actual blue center part of the emblem out of the chrome casing that's around it. To do this, use a hair dryer or heat gun and spend about 5 minutes heating both sides of the emblem. The center part is held on with some apoxy. Once it is heated good, use something flat (such as a knife or small screwdriver) and pry the center part out.

    Step 2 - Once you have the center part out, sand the back until all of the left over apoxy and the blue part is off. It will look a clear/white color when you sand all of the blue paint off. I used 150 grit sandpaper to do this because it was the only thing I had around the house. Once all the blue paint is off the back of the center part, wet sand LIGHTLY to smoothen everything out.

    Step 3 - Mask off the front of the emblem, and spray the sanded side with a color of your choice (I chose black). Allow to dry THROUGHLY!

    Step 4 - When the paint is dry and you remove the tape, you see that the background color is no longer corporate blue, but the color of YOUR choice! If necessary, wet sand the front side of the center piece and spray a few coats of clear coat onto it. I did this because I had a few chips from rocks, etc.

    Step 5 - Replace the center piece back into the chrome surround using double sided tape or apoxy. Re-attach the emblem to your Ex, and enjoy!

    There's no need to spend $30 online for colored emblems, it's simple to make them yourself" - HARTMAN on explorer
  5. I Know A Guy Who Makes Them In Several Varations,ford,mine,cobra ......just Let Me Know And I Will Try And Get In Touch With Him I Think They Are About $30-40 Though
  6. fast emblems

    hey man if u can get me in touch with him i appreciate it greatly trying to get somehting else done to my car while im deployed man so hit me up thanks....