Black Fox Interior, Door & Center Arm Rests, Seat Belts, Sills, Bolster Glove Box ETC

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Sep 6, 2000
Pensacola Florida
This is what oem black interior I have left from my 90 GT. Dont dye that porno red, or smurf blue interior, buy some OEM black items from me! :) Some of these pictures suck, because of the flash.

OEM Rear Black 90-93 Seat Belts SOLD!

OEM Rear Black 90-93 Seat Belt Buckles, $25 SHIPPED

Overhead Map Light SOLD!

Both Console/Center Arm Rest Side Plugs, $10 SHIPPED

Both Rear Coat Hangers SOLD!

Door Sill Plates SOLD!

Driver Side Knee Bolster Trim SOLD!

Glove Box Door w/ Key SOLD!

Driver & Passenger Door Pull/Arm Rests SOLD!

Fox Hatch Rear Seat SOLD!

Sun Visors, not perfect, but not super worn, the fabric is more worn out where the mirror door flips open, and the mirror lights are kind of warped, the outer fabric is decent, I also have the black clips for them as well. $30 SHIPPED

Center Console Flip Up Arm Rest SOLD!

Door Switch Panels, in pretty good shape, not perfect SOLD!

I have some rear hatch panel that covers the tail lights, the metal rear head liner piece, and a metal side head liner piece as well.
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