Mach 1 Black on Black Stripes & Spacers - ?'s

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by LouDude, Nov 17, 2003.

  1. Hello all,
    First post here. I've got an opportunity to pick up a brand new Black 04 Mach1 for a price I'm having a hard time turning down. The owner of the dealer here has sold my wife and my father a car and really stepped up to the plate on this.

    Here's the catch however, the wife HATES Mustangs. I won't go into detail, but she did tell me that she doesn't have to be happy with all my choices and I'm sure it would grow on her.

    The only colors she even considers liveable are the Black and DSG. The dealer only has the black, so if I end up going through with this that's what it will be. My problem is the stripes kinda dissapear on the black car and was wondering if any of you had thought about changing their color? I can live with it either way, just a thought though.

    Also has anyone put maybe a spacer behind the rear wheels? These really set way back in the well and would look a lot better if they weren't so sunken. I'm not talking about having them stick way the hell out, just maybe a 5, 8, 10, 12, 15mm spacer.

    I originally was in the market for the Cobra, however after driving the Mach, it just fits so well. I really like everything about it. It sounds great, the seats are waaay comfy, the shifter is in just the right position, the ac and radio are a tiny reach etc. All things considerd it's pluses greatly outweigh the delta's. (except the wife not liking it).

    Hope to be a new Mach 1 owner soon…….

  2. If you go over to the registry, you will find more info.

    Some people have put silver stripes on their Black Machs. :flag:
  3. You will love the car should you get it, best of luck with your decision.

    To each his own, but I like the understated stripes and would never change them (except maybe to remove them alltogether).
  4. I too think youll love the car if you do get it. As for the stripes, well, I like mine the way they are. Im not a big fan of stripes, so with the black on black it allows me to keep it authentic, but not have them sticking out like a sore thumb either. The only thing I HAVE considered doing is possibly getting the "Mach 1" on the sides traced in silver or chrome. Something real subtle though. Just enough for it to be seen if you are looking for it.
    Good luck on your purchase, and um...sorry about the wife.
  5. Black on black stripes look cool! It's a great sleeper :nice:
  6. I like the understated black stripes. Ive seen the silver stripes, and to me it start to look V6 ish and takes away from the mean/stealthy look of the black
  7. Thanks guys. I DID IT. Now that the wife has really seen it and gone for a ride I can tell she's having a hard time not liking it.

    Man the more I look at this car the more I LOVE it. The stripes are perfect. Not to bold, not too subtle. It would be neat if the side stripes were done in reflective tape. My buddies 69 Mach was like that.

    This car sounds awesome, been a while since I've driven a V8 car and listend to the rumble. Oh, get this, one of my old Mustang racing buddies from the 80's is the service manager. He's already trying to talk me into the 4.10's, says he's got 'em layin' round and could hook an old friend up.

    I think I'll put some miles on it first, then start with the bolt ons.

    First up, H&R 10mm spacers for the rears. Can't stand that "sunken" look.
  8. Speaking of 4.10' much should that cost me to get it done to mine? I am seriously interested in getting them, but have no idea what kinda cash Ill have to drop to do it.
    Any input would be appreciated.
  9. I put the spacers on my Mach1.

    First mod I did. Looks alot better and tougher.

    Then went Nitto 275s......really looks good and hooks hard.
  10. Keith....Did you put the 275's on the stock 8" rims?
  11. yes. Nitto 275s work. I heard BFGs will not work as well. They are a little wider.