black ponies?

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  1. im thinking about painting my ponie wheels black. does anyone have any pics of black ponies on a coupe? thanx
  2. i am thinking about it as well. my stang is mineral grey with 5% tinted windows...

  3. i don't have any pictures because my car is at the shop getting painted right now but i have a black lx w/black ponies and i love them. i'll try and search through my computer for an older pic of it.

    semperfistang IMO: your car would look great with black ponies.

    bimmertec: what color is your coupe?
  4. I have a 89 mustang black with a red strip across the side do you think if i get my pony powedercoated black they would look good?
  5. my friend has an 88, black with red stripe and black afr wheels. it looks really good besides the fact that afr wheels are gay. is the bottom black as well?
  6. Yes my car is all black the only thing that is not is the red stripe. Iam still working on my signiture but the link works just click on that and you can see it.
  7. I have to get a new red strip the one on it now is so old that it looks pink. lol. But not for long.
  8. haha, my friend is going to take the red stripe off which i think will look okay with the two tone..

    black wheels will look good on it.
  9. I dont know if i want to take off the red stripe or just replace it. It kinda gives it a different look everyone has a all black car no one keeps on the red stripe. Iam also painting my head rest with a red running pony i think that will set the stock seats off a little.
  10. If you want to be different you can also paint the stripe a different color like blue,yellow, ect.
  11. Its actually a sticker. You can buy them in different colors. What color do you think might make it look better then red?
  12. The only place i have been able to find these stickers are at 50restro. And they only make them for the gt in red, black, and white. Does anyone else know where i may be able to pick up these red stickers in different colors? I guess i can paint them if i really wanted to.
    P.S. Bimmertec i didnt mean to steal your thread
  13. If you plan on painting your car, you might as well paint that stripe. It won't ever fade on you...
  14. I thought about buy the red stripe and painting it. But i dont know what to paint it with. Could i use a normal spraay paint from auto zone or somewhere? And megan where you thinking of a dark blue.
  15. one, i wouldn't use spray paint to paint it on... two, a friend of mine had a gt that was black on top and black on bottom, the stripe in between was a bright blue, kind of reminded me of a shade or two darker grabber blue (if you're familiar with grabber blue).. i'll try and find a picture for you to see what i mean.
  16. i did a search on, this car isn't black but it's the blue stripe i was referring to.

    View attachment 509651
  17. go to a custom sticker shop, they'll make it for you. Dont paint b/c you can always take a sticker off. I Got some black rims im sure you've all seen em if not look in the GA Rage....
  18. Oh ok. What i was saying was i would buy the sticker and paint the sticker not my paint. I wouldnt do that. They make a blue like that on 50restro but it only fits a lx. What would be the difference in how long it is compaired to a gt? Because if it is longer i can always cut it to make it fit.
    Megan_92 so you think a light blue would look good on a all black mustang?
  19. i'm not sure... the more i think about it i remembered that my friends gt was black on top and a real dark gray on bottom. i like it with the color combo (black and gray) but i'm not sure about all black.. i'd say for now, take off the stripe and see if you like it without one. if you really feel like it needs some kind of color then i'd look into what stripes you can get already painted. i'm not sure how well buying a sticker then painting it would work out. i'll keep my eyes open for black gts with the stripes painted.