Black rims on a Black Car

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by notinbut50, Nov 15, 2003.

  1. What do you guys think. I think it looks pretty good. A guy on SVTPERF photoshoped this for me. Personally i really like the look of the car.

  2. I'd prefer a graphite colour on better...

  3. Then you'll probably enjoy this one, too...................

  4. Completely black tires on a black cars looks kinda bleh. You want an awesome look? Polish the outter lip on the rim, that looks hot as hell.
  5. i think both of look mean as hell
  6. I can't stand all black rims. They are definitely rice-ish. If going black, get some with a polished lip or something. The black bullitts (polished lip and well) on a black stang look absolutely AMAZING!
  7. You mean like this?

  8. what about anthricite on dsg.....
  9. Your Cobra looks sweet. I've been thinking about blacking out the rims on my black Cobra. Or getting some black Bullitts.

    Any more pictures? Side shots?

  10. I didn't take very many pictures this summer. These are the only other shots I have with the new wheels. Since then, I've painted the calipers red and installed cross-drilled rotors.

  11. haha whoa, the black 03 cobra is the one i photoshopped...didn't imagine to see that for a while... :nice: :D :flag:
  12. and props where they're due.............. :nice:
    I remembered that I got it from here several months ago, but I didn't remember who actually did the chop. :doh: Definitely My bad. :damnit:
    It always comes to mind whenever someone asks to see a black on black on black. Next time I'll remember who deserves the credit. :cheers:
  13. Definately looks good, good job. Feel like doing it to my black Cobra? Can you tint the windows as well? Is it possible to chop the Black Bullitts onto my Cobra?
  14. i can definitely try..gimme a day though gotta get some schoolwork done haha :nonono:
  15. here ya go, tried my best with the resources i had, had a hard time finding pictures of black bullitt rims for my use.


    :flag: :nice:
  16. I don't like the Bullitt/GT wheels on Cobras; to me it's a downgrade. :D

    I like the black or anthracite look on a black car, or go the other way, full polish or chrome.
  17. Great, nice job. Thanks. :nice:
  18. You're on to something. I've kinda been thinking the same. The Bullitt's look okay but if I change the rims they will probably go with an all black rim.
  19. Yes, that is about as bad a$$ as you can get. Here's some gunmetal ones: