black saleen rims on my blue fox?

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  1. what do you guys think? ive pretty much decided on 18x9 saleen rims just cant decide on weather or not to get silver ( not chrome) or black. the car is a sonic blue color.:hail2:
  2. silver. black would only make your car look dirty
  3. :stupid:
  4. silver, unless you get the black in satin... that could look pretty awesome i think
  5. Chrome, but everyone does Chrome...

    I say deep dish with silver lip in black! But that'd change the whole wheel..

    Do a nice Mach 1 paint job on your hood, that'll match it real nice.
  6. i want white 18x9 saleens, in the future that is. so i say go for what you want, saleens looks nicer than any other wheel on our cars IMO.
  7. a mach1 paint job on the hood? anyone have any opinoins on this?
  8. post some pics of ur car first! :nice:
  9. dont be cheap go chrome or polished. u got a dark colored car and they need chrome trust me look at my black car with polished rims
  10. so you guys think black rims would look goofy?
  11. hell no! I LOVE black and anthacite rims.
  12. My blue car with cheapo black ARE rims w/silver lip. I like the look of black rims.

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  13. doesnt look bad at all,
  14. blue car + white rims= teh win!!!!
  15. alright im really at a cross roads between the chrome and the black. i was thinking chrome cuz i can get a good deal on them, so any last opinoins before i buy?
  16. Here's my opinion:


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  17. ^^^^ beautiful car ^^^^
  18. are those 18's? and what brake setup are you running? im really scared that the offset wont fit right, its a 24mm offset and 5.85" backspacing.