black saleen rims on my blue fox?

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  1. I am running the Baer setup. For the most part, it maintains stock track width at front and rear. The wheels are (4) 18x9" authentic Saleen front wheels (25mm offset). What are you using for spindles, k-member, and rear axles?


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  2. stock k member, svo/lincoln five lug/4wheel disk setup
  3. For the front, the wheels won't sit flat b/c you are not running the sn95 spindle setup. You will need to remove/flatten the dustcap and also grind down the lip of the hub portion of the rotor. Corral has a good thread on this, I'll see if I can find it.


    As for the rear, if you are running stock length axles then you won't have any clearance problems with the 25mm offset - assuming you aren't running oversized tires.
  4. alright, dumb question, whats the differance between backspacing and offset? and what whould happen if i just didnt run centercaps on the front rims. would they fit?
  5. Backspacing is measured from the rear lip and offset is measured from the centerline of the wheel to the mounting surface. You can figure out one with the other.

    You should be able to ditch the centercaps and run the wheels. You will still have to grind the lip to have it sit flat.
  6. its been a long day at work so im not really following why i will have to grind the lip to get the rim to sit flat
  7. Because the lincoln rotors extend too far. Check the link I posted on the first page - it explains everything.

    rotorgrind.jpg [/QUOTE]

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  8. your a bastard you know that. now you have me wanting to paint my car black. it would actually be the same cause i already have the wheels/breaks hmm...

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  9. I know this is an old post but the link to the procedure for grinding the front rotors doesn't work
  10. well.... it has indeed been 4 yrs
  11. Not trying to thread jack here but where did you order your brakes from and do you have part numbers?