Black Tokico Hp Series Shocks?

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  1. Any one ever see the HP series in black? Saw a set for sale locally on CL and thinking of picking them up, just never saw the HP series in black so I am not sure if the ad is correct.

    Thanks for your input.
  2. Can't say I have. I'm running the tokico blues in my car and they work well. Are you sure theyre not the "D-spec" shocks?
  3. Gearbanger, thanks for the reply. I asked the seller to confirm series and he got back to me pretty quick with saying they were the HP's. I did a search and nothing came up with these being available in black, only the D-spec series. I am going to look at them this afternoon. Said they were mint with maybe 4k on them so hopefully it works out.
  4. Mind if I ask what you're paying for used shocks/struts? They're not all that expensive brand new.
  5. has them posted for 125. figured it was a good deal if they are as in mint condition as the seller states. also found a set of upr uca/lca's for 150 locally and thought this would be a decent upgrade over the stuff that is currently there. my current set up is old and worn so with out breaking the bank these two finds might suite me ok. its a mostly stock street driven car.
  6. My Bullitt Struts and Shocks are Black and they are Tokico's.
  7. update, the shocks were new take offs from a 95 cobra made by tokico. I stopped to check them out friday afterwork and they looked good with min usage and figured to pick them up on saturday. Later friday night, someone stopped to look at my stang and offerred me some cash for it, it might be gone if we can work a deal.

    Thanks for the replys back guys.