Black wheels. why?

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  1. Maybe someone can shed some light as to why someone would want to put a set of black wheels, which you can hardly see, on a car. I really don't understand buying a nice set of wheels in black for nobody to see. Not trying to make anyone mad just wondering.
  2. makes the expensive brakes show up better?

    I don't know... sometimes it looks really good in my opinion....
  3. Hahahaha this thread is great! I dislike black wheels alot :p Black/colored cutouts are OK though :D
  4. i like gunmetal myself. Black looks good sometimes, but you shouldn't be spending too much money on the design, cuz u'll hardly see it.
  5. I like'em but I also too prefer the gunmetal color.

    It's really about taste.. why do a lot of import owners fill up their car with stickers? Because they think it looks good.
  6. another Vader Hater
  7. Black Deep Dish Bullit and FR500s... :drool:
  8. Dont' worry Zax, I like the way they look on your car... they look good on mine too (that is if the polished lip/black ones are included in this rant??)
  9. I always loved Yellow and Black cars with black rims. Im thinking about picking up a set of black FR500s for my car with some DDs in the back!
  10. Maybe it requires a double Y chromozone to think that black wheels look good I don't know. Should I get Blue wheels to match my car maybe some blue tint to match. What do you think?:rlaugh: :shrug: :jaw:
  11. Because some people like black wheels I guess...To me it depends on the color of the car. I only like black wheels on black cars, or bright colored cars, like my yellow 95...I dont care too much for black wheels on darker colored cars that arent black....
  12. Rims are kinda like exhaust in a way. I was bored of my flowmaster/custom catted h, so I went with a prochamber with magnaflows.

    I was tired of my stock rims so I decided to change things up :shrug: Now I have been eyeing some other rims, though they will definitely be required to wait until after the new year.

  13. I hope you dont have black rims. Just more reason for me to put the :chair: on ya during our NPI showdown.....

  14. Don't worry, you'll only have to view them for a brief moment while at the tree :nice: I have black tail light bezels and other things to give you something to look at.

    The rims are actually pretty heavy and I would love to find me some 15 or 16 inch v6 rims just to see what difference it makes at the track.
  15. Fun with paint. Am I looking good or what?:rlaugh:


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  16. :rlaugh:

    awesome, your a baytown boy, but I have the sportsman tree down too. My little freinds.... PI intake, LT headers, UPR upper and lowers, and some nittos might be making the party too. Ill proboly go by Strictly and borrow some pullies and a T/A to get a little bit more out of the old fix her up.

    We could even get a little pool going here on stangnet....not a bad idea???
  17. Saleen decal + blue rims = Go for it!!
  18. Can't blame me for running on the best track around ;) It's my stomping grounds and I have made quite a few runs there even in this once 15 second car:p

    As for the mods, I have a few myself ;)
  19. sounds good
  20. I flukin love black wheels on silver stangs. But every one has their own opinion, so who cares? :nice: