Black wheels. why?

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  1. I said yes to black wheels on my 95, because yellow & black is a classic color combination... I think it looks great personally....





  2. Hope I didn't offend the 94-98 guys/gals cuz I was just trying to make a point to the thread starter, hahaha.

    I went with black wheels on my black fox cuz I'm going with the all go and not to much show look, I'm tired of the black fox, cowl hood and Welds look.
  3. because this:


    looks badass :nice:
  4. Black rims with a polished lip are awesome:nice: :nice: . I can't stand chrome rims or all black rims.
  5. Dude, i was freakin driving next to you today on I-45! I was in that dirty ass RED 01 Cobra with Chrome Rims and Cobra R Hood. I passed you a few times right before the retards in that crappy Camaro blew by. :nice:
  6. BTW, to answer "Black wheels, why?"

    This is why...
    Thats the old ride and I got PLENTY of comments on how sinister and different it looked :shrug:
  7. ^^^^^^^^^^ I like it.
  8. Yeah I remember, I tried to wave, and that camaro was ugly as hell with the wheel spacers stickin the tires out like 5 inches,

    Sweet car man, if you know of any cruises or get together let me know

    And to stay on topic

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  9. Wow, that Fox is incredibly sexy. :drool:
  10. all Mustang pics in this thread < meh.

    i could throw on some 16in. black steel rims and accomplish the same thing for about $120. just a black empty space with no detail to it whatsoever:shrug:


    whenever someone asks about wheels i ALWAYS encourage them to go with black wheels. the more Mustangs out there with black wheels the better MY car looks sitting next to them:D :nice:
  11. 52012515xc0.jpg

    Sinister is the only word worthy of describing that stang. Now I'm considering picking up a set of black Saleens just because of this photo.

    People, knocking on black rims is retarded. Black rims do not ruin a car: look at the whole picture and then make a judgment... I've seen all colors, sizes, shapes, and styles of wheels that did not look good on the car they were on. It's the combination. Not just the color.
  12. Please post some pics of your [email protected]$$ car so we can be the judge of that, since our cars look like such trash.

    These cars came with black wheels from the factory, I would say they look pretty sweet imo....






  13. LOL @ accomplishing the same thing by putting on some steelies. God, some people are dense.
  14. :rlaugh: :nice:
  15. I really could care less what anyone thinks about my car, I like it and that's all that matters. I didn't buy my car and do my mods to make other people like it.

    So to answer the original poster's question why black wheels?

    Because I like them. :nice:
  16. friends don't let friends buy black wheels.

    sorry but the damn things are ugly IMO. chrome or silver ftw.
  17. I've never had a bad comment on my wheels yet (fortunately lol):